Ruger M77 in .308 Winchester

Ruger M77 in .308 Winchester

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    Ruger M77 in .308 Winchester

    how about you review a Ruger M77 in .308 Winchester

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    I have two Ruger M77s and another one on the way. They are extremely good rifles, with the Mauser action you can't get much stronger than that. My Rugers on in .30-06 and .270 and the one coming is a 6.5 Swede. I have a Remington in .308. You can't go wrong with a Ruger and a .308 is a very good round in the first place.

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    I already have a review of the ruger VLE on the site



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    my dad has a vle .223 ruger m77 it groups a half inch every time at 100 yards. The m77 shoots very well with factory ammo

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    i have the mk77 in .270 with a VX-1 scope

    at a 100yds. i can cover 4 shots with a quarter, and 3 of them cut the same hole with a "clover" shape, and the 4th is usually just slightly off, but the barrell is warming up by then and im probally pulling th shot of a lil

    all i know is its a superb deer rifle, very accurate, and i dont know why so many people bash it about being unnaccurate because mine is the exact opposite...... but then again with ruger i have heard you either have a tack driver or it wont shoot a pattern for anything

    if thats true guess i got lucky


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