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5.11 watch/MOA calculator????

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    Mine broke, I have to send it back.
    Get the digital one. The analog takes 2 different batteries.
    My watch died but the ballistic calculator still works.
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    The reason I would want the analog is that you can use the hour and minute hand as a compass in the northern hemisphere. Let me see if I can find how to do it right quick.

    Here we are!
    1)Get a blade of grass, or a short straight twig, or a match to use as a pointer.
    2)Hold your watch horizontally, with the hour hand pointing in the sun's direction.
    3)Lay the blade of grass or match across the middle of your watch, halfway between the hour hand and the 12. The grass blade or match will then be pointing south.

    That or you could just not get lost and not have to worry about it!

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    They have a built in digi compass

    http://www.511tactical.com/511-field-op ... 59245.html

    Here is an interactive demo of use.
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    I have it and i love it. You input the range/wind direction/wind speed and it outputs either in MILS or Clicks. You program the other stuff. I've cross checked the output with the mildot master and my own calculations and its very accurate.

    Believe it or not, after 1 day at the range, its faster than taking out the mildot master.

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    I love the Killzone software for the TI-83 Calculator and it was free to download. I have used the 5.11 watch multiple times (I sell them) and personally its a little more cumbersome than I would like for what it costs. Just my 2 cents.

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    I bought one a few years ago just as a novelty. I tend to like big ugly watches, so a big ugly watch that doubled as a ballistic calculator seemed to be right up my ally. I bought mine off eBay and didn't think much about it. It came in its case with a booklet and with two watchbands. One made of a rubbery material for "wet work" and one made of leather for more "formal" events. The watch is a bigger uglier watch than I had anticipated, so I was well pleased with my purchase.

    It took me a few minutes to go through the manual and figure out how to enter my data and use the ballistic calculator. I got the analog one because I like analog watches. It still has a digital display and a neat red lighting system that you can see but won't double as a flashlight if you loose your keys. Once I figured out how to use the watch I started checking the data against my log book and found the information to be very close.

    The thought occurred to me that while this watch was fun to play around with and a novelty, not to mention exceptionally big and ugly, I really wouldn't use it in the field as I would have already made a cheat sheet with bullet drop, hold off and wind drift figured out to 1,000 yards and taped that on my rifle butt stock not to mention carrying a couple extra copies somewhere on my person. So I didn't really see it as a "useful" item for anything but playing around with. I don't think it does a better job than the different ballistic programs I have used in the past and certainly doesn't make up for lack of knowledge by confirming the data at the range before hand. I would trust the data on my cheat sheet for a critical shot before I would enter the information into this watch and then use the data for a critical shot.

    I used the watch off and on for a year because of its endearing feature of being exceptionally big and ugly. I came to use it one day and found that battery had run out. I no longer could find the case it had come to me in that contained the owners manual. I had a shooting course coming up and thought it might be fun to bring. I thought no problem and then downloaded the manual after a quick search on Google…it always pays to use the search button. I read the manual and found that 511 would only replace the battery and warranty the watch if you bought it through an authorized dealer. The manual and case were not considered proof that I had bought it from a legitimate dealer, I needed a receipt.

    Well I had none of the above, so I took it the local Rolex repair shop. They charged me 10 dollars to put a battery, which I was pleased about as 511 wanted $25 dollars for the same service plus shipping and handling, not to mention a copy of my receipt showing I had purchased it from and “Authorized 511 Dealer
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