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What kind of rucks does everyone use?????

This is a discussion on What kind of rucks does everyone use????? within the Product Review Requests forums, part of the SniperForums.com & SniperCentral.com Related category; It's not really "tactical", but during my Philmont trek, my Kelty pack served me well....

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    It's not really "tactical", but during my Philmont trek, my Kelty pack served me well.
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    Blackhawk 3-day assault pack. I use it for hunting, shooting, and school.
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    Has anyone tried the TAG Sniper pack? I have one and it's great! It's a little bigger than some packs but it's bombproof and has all the attachment points one could want. It has one big ass compartment and a slimmer compartment. It also has straps and butt-pouch for carrying an M4. There are two hydration pouches, on in the back and one on the side to offset the weight of the M4. It also has a removable rifle rest. I have found that the rest fits the forend of my AI perfectly.

    I also used the Camelbak Talon. Great storage and usable amount of "orginizational" space. However, I didn't like all the buckles on it.

    If anyone else has used either of these, hook a brother up with some feedback!


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    I would say the ultimate is the Kifaru EMR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quikstryke
    I would say the ultimate is the Kifaru EMR
    That's not a ruck even though Kifaru calls it one; it an expedition pack. At 7,500 cubic inches, it's bigger than some members here. :lol:

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    Hey Guys,
    Unfortunately, I'm too poor to afford a Kifaru, so I use an Eberlestock Gunslinger, at the moment, with a ton of pouches attached to the MOLLE/PALS. The pack is Coyote Brown, and the pouches are primarily Multicam and Coyote Brown from a variety of makers; Esstac, Eagle, Emdom, Tactical Tailor, and ICE to name a few.
    I can't believe how many years a worked with the issued ALICE gear. The MOLLE is MUCH MUCH MUCH better and more secure. With Alice gear, you had to dummy cord everything with 550 cord, or risk losing it in the field. The clips were a great source of hot spots, and outright abraded skin and clothing( I still have scars), while only being partially secure, rusting, and did I mention opening and falling off or dropping gear? No worries with the PALs hooked up.
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    I currently use Spec-Ops the Pack, but have been looking hard at switching to either Kifaru or to Eberlstock - phantom.

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    aixelsid1002 that is one whale of a diaper bag. I like the color though.
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    kirafu if you got the coin.i like the gunslinger too.
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    I use the Alice and the Mollie packs. Just depends on what im doing.

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