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Angle shooting help!!

This is a discussion on Angle shooting help!! within the Product Review Requests forums, part of the & Related category; Originally Posted by ddd oo7 If you are shooting a target 200 yards line of sight from a building 141 yards tall (most engagements are ...

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Thread: Angle shooting help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddd oo7 View Post
    If you are shooting a target 200 yards line of sight from a building 141 yards tall (most engagements are closer than that...and very few buildings are that tall) then the point of aim will be off by less than 3 inches assuming you are shooting a 308 with 168 smk's. Whether shooting uphill or downhill you will always hit higher than the same line of sight range on flat ground.
    At 50yds he should be able to shoot at things the size of dimes that are moving, it's a different skill than 12" steel at 800yds. One inch should be accounted for, three uncontrolled inches can change the lives of a lot of people (not my quote but I remembered it). For dignitary protection everything seems to be high angle, ever looked off the back of a large stadium? Now imagine a hide on the top of the light poles.

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    All good information and valid points. I'm looking to both expand my skill and trade and yes there may be a time where it is needed. I'd rather hVe the gear I need when it's needed then be SOL We have been conducting more elevated shooting positions during our training and yes it usually 100yars and in but again I want the skill to expand that distance if needed and be able and comfortable to take an accurate shot if needed

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    Plus I'll use it during hunting season

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    Eight or ten years ago I was sitting with a couple of guys from the West Virginia State Police at the International SWAT Sniper Symposium banquet.
    I was trying to sell the idea that cop shooters really need to step up their game by shooting from positions other than prone and distances greater than 100-yards.
    These two guys listened intently and apparently were motivated to take my advice.
    At the Symposium the following year the same two guys gave a debrief of a shooting where they neutralized a suspect at a range in excess of 500-yards.
    Sometimes it's helpful to train to the possible rather than the probable.
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