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Rifle Reviews

This is a discussion on Rifle Reviews within the Product Review Requests forums, part of the SniperForums.com & SniperCentral.com Related category; What would everyone think if Mel started doing his rifle reviews on video. They are good now but i think it would be cool if ...

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Thread: Rifle Reviews

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    Rifle Reviews

    What would everyone think if Mel started doing his rifle reviews on video. They are good now but i think it would be cool if he started doing them on camera to show live fire and breaking down the different components of the rifles. Just a thought :?:

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    Hmmm.. This sounds like a great idea but from what I've heard Mel's mug is liable to break the camera.

    :lol: Just teasing ya bro! :lol:

    Mel the Movie Star! Can I have an autograph?

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    That would be very cool.

    It'd make a great members only bonus.

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    But you, the man behind the rifle, you are the soul."

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    Might be tough for some slower computers, but having it as an option would be pretty cool.

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    At the very least he could video when he is actually at the range.

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    I think it's a great idea, sorry if some of you are on Dial up.

    I hate to be the cruel hand of reality slapping you across the face but, someone has to do it.

    Life's hard, buy a helmet. You're not going to get coddled around here so get over it.

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    Moved to PRR.

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    The effort versus reward ratio isn't good enough for Mel to justify making videos.

    Ask yourself: just what extra do you get from watching Mel shoot opposed to just reading his review? Does that minor benefit actually pay-off enough to make it worthwhile for Mel (who here hasn't seen someone shoot by now?) to get into the video editing business?

    Watching someone shoot is unnecessary, not very engaging, and realistically, only serves to add more gun porn to the Internet. While that in itself isn't a bad thing, there's simply no need for it during a review. Mel can say all he needs to say concisely and clearly in a text review, and pictures of the guns he shoots (which are pretty much commonly available and one can Google plenty of other pictures if one wants) are more than good enough for a review.

    We're talking about basic reviews, People...Not "SC Fun Day at the Range, 2007" type YouTube stuff. If it's videos of people shooting you want, go to YouTube and type in the name of any common gun or the words "shooting" or "range day" and you'll have more than you could ever watch. But let's be realistic and stop asking Mel to do extra work that doesn't pay off enough to justify him doing all the extra work.

    Sorry for the reality check. Videos have merit for instructional purposes, but they hold little extra value for the purposes of a simple review.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recoil
    The effort versus reward ratio isn't good enough for Mel to justify making videos.

    I would know far less from watching a hour of video than I would by reading a few paragraphs. A video won't tell me how the trigger feels or most other things that a few concise lines will.

    Do I want gun porn or do I want to know what a reviewer thinks of the product?

    Here are a couple more considerations.

    Adding videos will reduce the number of products reviewed. Adding more work to each product will necessarily reduce the number of products reviewed. TANSTAFL

    Adding that much bandwidth requirement would force an upgrade in the hosting service and a subsequent rise in cost to Mel and ultimately to the end user, you. No way that gets covered by $10 a year.

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    +1 On not doing videos.

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