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Home Armory: Sniper handload tests.

This is a discussion on Home Armory: Sniper handload tests. within the Reloading forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Can you point me to any photos of bad pressure signs? I want to know what to look for. I will chrony these loads soon, ...

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Thread: Home Armory: Sniper handload tests.

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    Can you point me to any photos of bad pressure signs? I want to know what to look for. I will chrony these loads soon, too.


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    You can find pictures of flattend primers in any reloading manual. Take a look at your picture and you will see that all of your fired primers have nice round edges. You load is plenty safe.


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    I have a new Tac Ops Tango 51, which is set up for Federal GMM 168gr and Mike R. shot groups under .2 with my rifle. I have been succesfull in duplicating this with Federal GMM and a very close second with Black Hills Match.
    The Federal GMM,s run about 2650fps from my rifle and BHM runs about 2600fps. All 168grn. match bullets. The Federal shoots slightly better, but Black Hills costs about $10.00 less, here. They are both excellent in my rifle.
    As I like to roll my own, I tried test loads from the loading manuals using 4064 powder, once fired Federal Match brass, Federal 210 Match primers and Sierra 168 HPBT Match bullets. Bullets seated about .010" from the lands, which is the same as the factory load, in my rifle. I used the Lee Collet die set to reload, no crimp.
    I started with 43grns to 45grns and measured velocity. All exceeded the Federal GMM factory velocity and the 45 grn loads ran about 2800fps, which was hot in my rifle. Recoil was sharp, although no problem with brass or primers. None of these loads exceeded .35"groups at 100yds.
    Finally settled on 42.5grns. of 4064 to get the average to 2650fps and the rifle settled to better than .25" @ 100yds.
    I am still tweeking and 99% of it now depends on the shooter.
    I do want to try Winchester brass as I read it is more durable, and perhaps Varget powder, and play with seating depth.
    These are great toys you never get tired of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dust_Remover
    I wish I had access to the 1000 yard underground tunnel range that is about 25 minutes from my house at Lake City Ammo Factory. Been up there several time to deliver stuff to contractors, and I hear them testing ammo from time to time, but I don't know where the range is at. If I had access to that that would be the best method of testing handloads. You can lock the gun in a vice, and take all the external factors out like the wind, and trigger squeeze.

    There is no underground test range at Lake City AA Plant. The test range is outside and is right off of Truman Road. You live only 25 minutes away from the range and never seen them test ammo ? Depending on what way you are on Hiway 7 just head to Truman Road. Go east on Truman road, you will drive down in a small valley and then up a big hill. Right after the crest of the hill look to your left and what's this ? It is Lake City AA plant, and there is the ouside test range. When they are firing they will have the red flag up and a red blinking light. Friday and Saturday nights they start testing around 5:00 pm and go to 11:30. They shoot everything from 5.56 up to 20mm. Last night they were shooting .50 cals. As for the secret underground range I think someone has been listening to the wrong people. I use to work in the plant myself.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dust_Remover
    I wish I had access to the 1000 yard underground tunnel range...Branden
    That would have to be one heck of a tunnel. At least 15 feet in diameter and probably closer to 25. Lotta dirt to move.
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    Hello there! I've been on a bit of a hiatus from the site. Preoccupied with other things. Like getting a job. My last one was blown up by the subprime mortgage mess .

    Anyway, I am very grateful to everyone here, ESPECIALLY Madgunsmith for getting me into reloading last year. I posted a 0.40" group earlier in this thread which was loaded with Mad's and others' guidance on a simple Lee Challenger (old model) Anniversay kit.

    Since then, I've upgraded to a Lee Classic Cast single stage press, and recently added a Lee Classic Turret press for loading handgun and (soon) .223 ammo. Have the .223 bullets, dies, Dillon Super Swage, and am awaiting a Dillon case gage, per Mad's instructions. Will start that project next week sometime.

    Meanwhile, I had doped out a Federal Gold Medal Match clone from info in another thread that worked well. I wanted to see if I could work up a good load using Varget.

    Here's the first 4 shots with the earlier load. Barrel was cold, and I wasn't 'in my groove' yet, I know the load does better than this (see my Christmas post on page 1). But here it is, regardless.

    New Remmy brass, CCI LR Primers, Lee dies, Sierra MK 168 gr BTHP, 43.5 gr IMR-4064, OAL =2.800"

    I loaded 4 different weights of Varget, trickling all of them, and here is the best three-shot group, 100 yards from the bench. Savage 10FP with a Bell & Carlson Medalist Tactical stock, Mueller 4-16X50 AO scope, TPS rail and rings, new Remington brass, CCI LR primers, Lee Pacesetter die set, including the factory crimp die, Lee Classic Cast single stage press, trickled charges, Sierra Match King 168 gr BTHP bullets, 43.4 gr Varget, 2.800" OAL.

    I think this one works.

    Thanks to everyone here who has helped me learn about precision rifle, and especially you fine folks who hang out here in Cartridges & Calibers!

    Oh, here's the new bench photo with the Lee Classic Turret on the left and the Classic Cast single stage on the right. I gifted my original Lee Challenger to a young GI in North Carolina I came across on another board who wanted to get into reloading. He's also loaded some incredibly accurate ammo on it, proving Mad's truism, you don't need fancy equipment to load! I'm walking, talking proof any idiot can do it!

    Here's a closeup of some .45 ACP done on the turret press. My first batch!

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    1000-yard underground tunnel for testing bullets? Holy smokes that's one big engineering task. Must have a high ceiling too.
    "If you hold a cat by the tail, you learn things you couldn't learn otherwise" -Mark Twain

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    I got to the range today and got to try out my new Crony Beta Master.
    Chrono was set at 5 yard line and targets at 100 yards.
    Elevation is 1100 feet, 64 degrees and wind wind was 5-7 mph from 5 o'clock.
    Rifle is an off the shelf Remington 700vs with 26 inch barrel.

    I used new Remington cases sized on a Lee collet die and Remington primers
    I started with 43g of Varget with 178 amax OAL 2.830.
    They are 2947 fps average. Holy Cow! Thats moving...
    I lost the data on that string because I was still learning how to use the Crony.
    Wrong button.
    Here is what 10 rounds looked like.

    Next 43 g of Varget with 168 Sierra HPBT match OAL 2.803
    Low was 2723 fps, High was 2763. Average was 2747 fps.
    Thats still moving pretty fast.
    Extreme spread was 39.78 fps Standard deviation 13.45 fps.
    Here is what 7 rounds looked like

    I shot some at 44g of Varget with the 168 HPBT and it was 2884 fps average.

    The rifle seams to creep up and left as the barrel gets warm.

    I fired some 168 Gold Medal match for a bench mark and got an average of 2694 fps.
    Beer, Meat, Fire!

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    So I've been working pretty hard on load development for my Savage 10FP in 308.

    Here is my current best load, which easily shoots 1 moa at 600 yards. I can't post target pics because the targets get pulled and spotted every shot by the guys in the pits. We take turns working the pits and I try to have my buddy pull pits for me so he can give me the heads up on what I'm doing. In reality, this load might very well be .5 moa or better, but I never hit outside the 6â€

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