Reloading .308

Reloading .308

This is a discussion on Reloading .308 within the Reloading forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I thought I knew everything about reloading .308 but there are some unanswered question's that pop in my head when I read people's forum. 1st ...

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Thread: Reloading .308

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    Reloading .308

    I thought I knew everything about reloading .308 but there are some unanswered question's that pop in my head when I read people's forum.

    1st of I reload .308 and have been for about a year. I created a load with my 168 SMK to be scary accurate for my Steyr SSG04. I use IMR4064 43.4gr with 2.800 COAL and 2700fps (according to manual). My results are always the same. 4 out of 5 shots I can land in same hole at 100yd.

    Now here is what troubles my mind. I've loaded same load in PPU, LC, CBC, PMC, Winchester, FC and Hornady brass and got same results. According to manual I should load less powder in military brass due to thicker casing and pressures but if I do knock out few grains, it shoots lower groups then when loaded with full 43.4gr. I like consistency! Then another question pops up in my head, is it ok to feel the bullet crushing the powder when being seated? IMR6064 has larger granules so it fills that case quite up. I fallowed everything manual has told me but would like to get conformation from you guy's.

    Another question is I see some people posting that their COAL is 2.900 or 2.810 is that normal? why seat bullet more out?

    And last but not least is I love to go shooting and I try to do it about once to 2x about every 2 weeks or so and shooting around 40 rounds though my steyr. how fast does my barrel wear out? I shoot rounds about 2700fps (according to "manual" load data). I love my guns and try to keep them in great shape. How often does an average shooter go out and plink away and how many rounds a session?

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    Compressing the powder is normal for some brands it depends on the size and shape of the granules.

    Seating depth is mainly for magazine feeding and for rounds to cycle in different rifles. If you load the chamber by hand you can seat with a longer COL. To get the best accuracy you want the bullet kissing the lands of the bore.

    All barrels wear differently, if you have a good cleaning habit you should be able to get many years of use out of your barrel.
    Wishing I could shoot more!

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    Have you tested your loads with a chronograph? That's pretty much the only way you can tell what your loads are doing. As far as OACL, it varies from gun to gun but by making the round longer you are reducing "jump". Jump is the distance the bullet travels before it contacts the rifling. Most people like the area of around .030. jump, but you might get your best accuracy at .015 or .045. You have to experiment to see what give you the best accuracy. I wouldn't go less than .015 or you start dealing with higher pressures. you have to keep an eye on your fired brass for signs of high pressure, and play with the length until you get the accuracy you like. You will have to pick up a gauge to measure your chamber to know where your starting point is. Hornady makes a good one. Or you can even make your own.


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