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    Madgunsmith: Is this essentially the list of things you posted

    Lee Hand Press
    RCBS Dies
    RCBS Shell Holder
    RCBS Hand Primer
    RCBS Scale
    Lee Resizing Case Lube
    Lee Chamfer Tool
    Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner
    Lee Dippers
    Hornady Powder Trickler
    Cabelas Calipers
    Plastic loading tray

    I'm trying to pick up a reloading setup piece by piece to spread out the cost, though to be honest the RCBS rock chucker kit does appeal to me quite a bit since it includes most everything I need. I'd just need to get the dies.

    Also any advice for reloading military surplus brass?

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    That is more or less it.

    The Rockchucker kit is an excellent way to start. The Rockchucker Supreme Master Reloading kit, is available from Huntington's. The part number is 09357 and the price is $310.40.

    Huntington's also has the RCBS Reloader's Starter Kit available for $255.55. The part number is 09045

    There are many reloading tools out there and you can find many other kits. But make sure that you get the following catalogues.

    1. Cabelas. http://www.cabelas.com
    2. Sinclair International
    3. Huntingtons
    4. Midway
    5. Graf

    With military cases, you need to remove the primer crimp from the case. The best way of doing this is to use the Dillon primer swaging tool. There is also an RCBS priming swaging tool, but the RCBS tool is not as good a tool.

    The Dillon swaging tool is the tool to get. I just love mine.


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    With shipping and handling tacking on $20 for Haz-mat and an extra $10 on top of that for shipping, is it still worthwhile reloading?

    Also, I noticed that Midway is sold out with no re-stock on all but 2 large rifle primers... Wally-world only sells black powder... Do we have reason to believe that the option of reloading will be pretty much gone in the near future? (I allready sent my own letter regarding the OSHA proposed laws.. keeping my fingers crossed).

    I'm asking because I have some pretty nice birthday discounts at Midway right now, but i dont see a point in investing in reloading equipment now if I wont be able to get powder and primer for a reasonable cost.. and paying more for hazmat and shipping than the price of the powder, not to mention the primers, is not, in my eyes, reasonable.

    Does anybody have any thougths on this matter, or am I just crying wolf here?

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    As far as OHSA goes you're just crying wolf. They scrapped their proposal a while back.
    If you only buy 1 pound of powder then yes, the hazmat fee will be more than the cost of the powder. If you buy in bulk it becomes reasonable. Like 8 lbs at a time. Then it only amouts to $2.50/lb of powder. I don't know where you are but shipping and hazmat fees to where I am are less than paying taxes.
    There generaly is a gun store or something like Sportsman's Warehouse in or close to most cities and towns that will handle primers and powder, too.
    Every gun show has someone that is selling powder and primers, also.
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    Where are the best places online to get powder. I'd be willing to buy it 8 and 10 pounds at a time I've just not yet found a place that is more cost effective than just going down to Bi-Mart and buying it 1 pound at a time. Personally I'd be happier to get 1 batch that was larger than 1 pound at a hit.

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    www.wideners.com www.midwayusa.com www.natchezss.com are 3 places I can think of off the top of my head.


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    All right folks:

    Please give me some feedback. Please let me know how you like these handloading threads.


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    Mad, these are AWESOME!

    I've gone from no equipment, no experience, and much trepidation, to loading for 3 calibers in about two months time, starting with your threads.

    Along the way, I've picked up the Lee Reloading Manual, a couple of LoadBooks USA, and the ABC's, but have still gotten very valuable guidance from you and Jeff, and others here.

    Please keep it up. Great stuff. It's nice to come into something like this as a complete noob and benefit from the experience of others who have been doing it a long time. Preesh!


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    These posts are inspirational as well as informative. So many folks probably wouldn't tackle the task of reloading without your simplifying things for them with these posts. With any luck, more folks will start to reload. No one ever started to reload as expert, but these posts speed them on the way.


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    The only thing that could make it better was if you could summarize a list of the stuff you mention for the cheapest setup. In sveral posts you list alternatives, and some of the cabela numbers seem to not give any hits.

    If Midway or some other online store allows to save/download a shoping-list that you could post that would be sweet.. But even as-is, your series of posts are great. I'm about halfway in getting the stuff I need, buying a little at a time to spread the cost.. When I get this shipment I have enough to resize and clean the brass... then as I shoot some more factory ammo and my brass collection grows, I'll get the rest of the equipment.

    Again, great guide, fun read, relatively easy to follow... a summary would be highest on my wish-list, even though one member sort of summarized the stuff in a post already.

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