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Handloading Fundamentals

This is a discussion on Handloading Fundamentals within the Reloading forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Thanks to Madgunny and JCinPA and several others for your indirect thinning of my wallet. I pulled the trigger today and bought my whole reloading ...

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    Re: Handloading Fundamentals

    Thanks to Madgunny and JCinPA and several others for your indirect thinning of my wallet.

    I pulled the trigger today and bought my whole reloading setup from Midway. I've been wanting to do it for years and years now, but was a little weary due to not having any friends/family that reload to bounce questions off of.

    I guess I will be the pioneer here and start. It was never a huge concern until I started shooting match grade ammo this year... pulling $1 per shot really started to add up. Delivery in a week and then I'll be a hermit for the next couple months as I learn the trade. Cheers and thanks for all the good reading/learning here.

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    Re: Handloading Fundamentals

    From "BassMags"

    I have used the Over All length gauge to measure bullet seating depth. You use a special cartridge with threads on the back. Some of you may have seen these hanging in the aisle and scratched your heads like I did. It allows you to set your bullet right to the lands and grooves of your rifling. It is beleived that this will help with accuracy and throat life of your barrel. Anyone have any feedback on this?

    I've used this tool on my Browning 7mm Mag and it measured 3.470. I have yet to find any manual or reference material that lists any application for the 7mm Mag with an overall cartridge length of more than 3.290. So the issue would be, should you get results such as mine, will a cartridge that long run through your magazine or will you have to single feed all of your cartridges. I'm of a belief that tayloring a cartridge in this manner is for the bench rest and target guys. If however you want to do some experimenting with overall length I suppose first you must decide whether you want to single feed. If not some experimentation would be in order to see what overall length will feed consistantly through your magazine.
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    Re: Handloading Fundamentals

    Well didn't know were to post this so here is as good as any.

    Loaded my first round today and fired it. 30-06 I with 45gra of h4895. About 10% under max charge. Everything worked even hit what I was aiming at (old tv at 300a plus yards)

    I was excited can't wait to actually sit down and load a bunch of shells and get testing.
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    Re: Handloading Fundamentals

    Nice work! Welcome to the disease :wink:
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    Re: Handloading Fundamentals

    I took someone's advice and used IMR 4895 as opposed to the old faithful 748 and the results for my M1A were on the moneyThanks a bunch! 45 grains with a 147 FMJ put me together. I had heard that on the M1A std. that it was generally better to load on the btm side to the mid with 748 and a final 2.80 OAL, so I tried the same thing with the 4895 and the moment I fired the 45 gr. load, it all came together. Thanks again for your input! :lol: It is a good thing to be able to talk with others on these loads.

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    Having read this, I feel I over spent when I bought my friends Dillon 650... :-/

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    What a wonderful thread.

    After discovering the world of forums a few years back I got the itch to finally search out fellow OCDers like myself and discovered SF.com I felt that ironic chill down my spine as I realized most if this thread was taking place about the same time I started hand loading! My gift was that I started on a Lyman turret press kit from my LGS who took it on trade for some pistol the gentleman wanted. The owner, being an avid reloader himself, had no use and offered it to me for a bargain. I took it and set off with the sickness. I started with .45ACP and moved up to the rifle calibers as my .338 win was gut punching me every trip to the range (physically and financially). Then the arguments between close friends started: acubond, partition, TBBC, sledgehammer... it was some good times. I OCD'd things to the max and ended up with a redding T7, comp dies and enough primers and powder to remove my house from the map. What I finally took from it all was clover groups @ 100 yards from my .270 win. and 1" @ 200 yards. I realized after all this time, I couldn't care any less about the cost savings... I love the accuracy.


    This thread is sure to get a reloader on track to enjoying the new money suck known as reloading.

    Then again, this forum has also given me tricks I never knew about, such as reprogramming my 1500 to dispense faster and more accurate, the McDugal's straw technique, and OCW... man alive was OCW a revelation. I must have seen what he understood a thousand times while load developing, just never put the two together. Amazing.

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