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Lee Trim Dies

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Thread: Lee Trim Dies

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    Lee Trim Dies

    I am the proud new owner of a Ruger Precision rifle and I am getting set up to reload 6.5 Creedmoor. I purchase a Lee Trim Die (not a sizing die) for that cartridge. I tried to get a case into the die but it require a lot of force and gave up. The die has a plastic bushing in the base which appears to be too small. I sent the following to Lee customer service:

    On your advice I tried again with the press and actually forced a case into the die. These are lubed, once fired cases and it required more force than I would expect. The case went in at .4635" diameter just behind the shoulder, it became out-of-round with 4 lobes at .451"- .459". SAAMI spec diameter is .4629". A length trim die should not resize the case diameter. It certainly should not force it out-of-round. The measured id of bushing is about .448". I suspect the wrong bushing or one significantly out of spec was installed. The Lee trim die for a 30-06 has a plastic bushing of the exact same diameter even though the 30-06 is a smaller diameter case.

    I received the following from Lee, it was apparent they did not fully understand the problem/question;

    The Creedmoor case and the 30-06 case share the same base diameter. The Trim Dies for both of these calibers use a number 5 bushing which has a .445" inside diameter. The die should not be deforming your cases. Have you annealed the cases?

    In a following email they offered to replace it if sent it in (at my expense) along with the deformed case and suggested that the cases were "over annealed". I think a replacement die will have the same issue. I hate to return it to retailer because I don't think its his fault. Has anyone else had trouble with trim dies from Lee, especially for 6.5 Creedmoor? Am I missing something obvious? I have used the Lee Trim system reloading 30-06 for years and it has worked very well. It trims and chamfers in one quick operation with no issues. Can someone recommend another trimming system that is fast, cheap and accurate?


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    Sorry for posting on the same issue twice. Its been resolved. I got kind of verbose in this version. I actually submitted this post before the other one and but it did not show up for an hour. I thought it was lost in the ether.


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