Reloading 30/06 need some advice/help.

Reloading 30/06 need some advice/help.

This is a discussion on Reloading 30/06 need some advice/help. within the Reloading forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I recently reloaded a batch of 30/06 for hunting season around the corner (Here in Middle Tennessee). However, I did not realize until I began ...

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    Reloading 30/06 need some advice/help.

    I recently reloaded a batch of 30/06 for hunting season around the corner (Here in Middle Tennessee). However, I did not realize until I began seating bullets that some of the necks were too big. I had not resized them enough. The bullet would fall in and out of the case neck. I put the ones aside that I did not resize enough. When I was done, I took the pin out of my full-length sizing die and resized just the neck. Resize them down. I believe I may have taken them down too far. The bullets seated, I am just worried that I may not have done the right thing. Will these be safe to shoot? I took the pin out of the die because the cases had already been primed and charged. I am a newbie still to reloading, but certainly not afraid to ask for help when needed.

    For informations sake, It is a Savage Axis 30/06 using 42.2GR of Varget and Hornady 165g SST bullets

    Thanks in advance for any input and advice.
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    It wouldn’t be dangerous to shoot them as long as they chamber okay. I would fire a couple to make sure they group the same as your other loads. They probably will, but just for confidence sake. Also, that sounds like a light load, but I don’t use Varget so I might be off base.

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    When you took the pin out the expander ball comes out along with it. So the neck gets squeezed to a substantially smaller diameter without being expanded back to where it should be .... as you mentioned what you found with your brass. It's not uncommon for some reloaders to do this, but....they will then run another die with a pin of the desired diameter to do nothing more than to expand the neck to get the desired neck tension. If this isn't done, there can increase pressure as the charge goes to release the bullet usually resulting in a significant difference in POI and a change in accuracy. In terms of safety, with what you are charging your cartridges, you should be just fine.

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