I'm going to buy a reloading kit this weekend and want to start getting into reloading. I shoot an m48 Mauser in 8mm. I like the caliber and the history behind it. My question is what would be a good load for shooting 1000 to 1100 yards and in. I've tried looking it up but I can't find anything concrete. What I've found is a 200 gr bullet I know SMK and Nosler make good ones and around 49 grains of power I think it 4048 powder but I'm not sure. I believe the desired FPS at the muzzle is in the 2800s to 2900s but again I may be mistaken. If anyone could let me know what bullet weight, powder type and the amount would be best for this goal. I plan on finding one load that works for me and sticking to that single load. I know 8mm isn't the most ideal cartridge for what I want but I like the history and the rifles that use it have a history and build quality that is unmatched (mine was built in 1950). Thank you for your help. If I'm incorrect about anything please feel free to correct me so I don't make the same mistake in the future. Please stick to 8mm as I will not be changing to another caliber thank you.