Lightweight tactical rifles

Lightweight tactical rifles

This is a discussion on Lightweight tactical rifles within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Wondering how bad a 6.5lb savage weather warrior would kick. Ill only be able to buy one rifle in the fall, and with employee deals ...

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    Lightweight tactical rifles

    Wondering how bad a 6.5lb savage weather warrior would kick. Ill only be able to buy one rifle in the fall, and with employee deals can get the savage for 449$. Accustock, stainless, accutrigger, basically, an awesome hunting gun. However, i know less weight=more recoil, and wondering how bad this kicks, even with the P.A.D.

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    What caliber? The answer for .223 is going to be a lot different than the answer for .300 WinMag.

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    all rifles kick so the answer is yes.

    Bet what you meant to ask is will it kick me enough to develop a flinch and anticipate recoil to the point accuracy is affected.

    Too subjective for me, though as a rule of thumb I prefer rifles to wiegth in around 12 lbs all suited up with sling and scope. Too light a rifle is as difficult to shoot offhand as too heavy for me. A reasonably well balanced 12 pound rifle just seems to work.

    Now most rifles that wiegth so little have rather thin barrels, they can have more barrel whip than a stouter contour which would open up the CPE. My stout, short barreled LTR doesnt whip, does well hunting and I dont mind the 12 pounds...I dont carry it over hill n dale all day long.

    Several people who buy those super light 'mountain' rifles end up selling them off they are not as fun to shoot so practise suffers.

    But if you only buy one rifle you regret you are ahead of most of us. Though I would lean to a rifle that weighs a tad more...

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    I was thinking 308, at first i was looking at 243 as a well-rounded cartridge but the price of thats higher.

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    Both the 243 and 308 are light recoiling rounds. Even in a lightweight rifle they should be fine in the recoil department.
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    check, my ruger frontier is a 243 with a 16.5 inch barrel and weighs 6 pounds or so, recoil is very manageable.
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