Ok i have a certain 30-378 that is sorta on my last nerve. The last new scope i just put on it, its not looking good 10 rounds perfect 11-15 not so well could have been me.

But this rifle has 2623 rounds threw it. a huge amount for this rifle when weatherby says 800 is on the down side and 1200 is past its life. well i honestly didn't see any groups open up tell around the 2200 mark. this rifle has shot .5-.75 from day one tell 2200 rounds.

After the 2200 round mark i seen i was struggling to keep .75 for the rifle i wasn't worried it was never intended to shoot like a lazer. Its a over under bored over sized powder keg.

But as of late 2500 rounds tell now i have seen its getting really spastic on its groups. .9 best to 2.0 still its a hunting rifle not bad for what it is. I had the chance to use a bore scope the other day. WOW thats some throat errosion. I'm very suprised that i can hit a 4x4 sheet of ply wood at 100 yards.

Ok were i'm headed for this is. Rebuild it as a 30-378 weatherby or bump it up to a 338LM. And there is the 300 hulk or known as the 300/338LM

Anyones ideas would be cool.. This isn't going to happen right away its got about 250 more rounds before i'm out of reloadable brass for it.