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winchester 70

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    winchester 70

    Does anyone have pics of a winchester model 70 used during the vietnam war? Weren't they in .30/06 and what kind of scope did the snipers use(brand of scope and how much magnafication). I have been thinking of making a clone of one. Thanks for the help.

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    An opinion

    For an authoritative opinion, you might check with the Scout/Sniper association.

    However, my recollection is that the first ones used the 8x External Adjustment Scope that was in the inventory from the 1903 Korean War 1903 Sniper rifles. These scopes were fitted to the M70. This configuration is shown in the Logo of the Scout/Sniper Association.

    The M1903-A1/Unertl was tested and at 600 yards and with M72 Match ammo would group 3.5 inches (.58 MOA, wow!!!) but match ammo was about impossible to come by during the war, so most snipers had to settle with M2 Ball ammo, which was till respectable with groups coming in at 7.5" at 600 yards (1.25 MOA). The M1903-A1/Unertl was used by the USMC through out WWII, along with the M1903-A4. The -A1/Unertl also saw use during the Korean war, with USMC snipers registering a number of kills out to 1000 yards. Like the M1903-A4 the M1903-A1/Unertl was a lethal system in the hands of a properly trained sniper during WWII and Korea.
    The first sniper units that arrived in country during the mid 1960s came with the target-grade Winchester model 70 rifle, this was the same rifle that the 3rd Marine Division had used with great success in the various rifle tournaments it had competed in. The ammo was also of match/target grade, and was a 30.06 round, with a 173-grain boat-tailed bullet. Whilst the telescopic sight was the Unertl 8x magnification scope which was about 2ft long. Although this set up worked well in competition shooting, in Vietnam it didn't fare so well. The main problem being the weight - it was too heavy! The Unertl scope was also a bit finicky, requiring a fine adjustment of the sight to the target, and worse - requiring sighting-in shots!


    30.06. And all popular U.S caliber's

    Bolt action.

    19 - 24ins.

    39.5 - 44.5ins.

    7.5 - 8.5lbs.

    5 rounds.

    The Winchester model 70 rifle first appeared in the middle 30s and remained virtually unchanged until a complete re-vamp in 1964. A straight forward design utilizing a Mauser type cocking system; with a plunger type ejector and sliding/hook extractor which are let into the bolt face. The Mauser type receiver has locking abutments at its front and is threaded for barrel attachment. The 5 round magazine is the basic Mauser type.


    As a replacement for the model 70 the Marines adopted the Remington model 700 (M-40 sniper rifle) in 7.62mm/.308 Nato caliber. Used in conjunction with a Redfield 3-9x variable magnification telescopic sight the Marines now had a proper sniping rifle in their inventory. The Remington model 700 was a light, dependable, rugged, and easy to handle rifle. It was also very accurate and was more than capable of hitting an enemy soldier at ranges of 600 yards - and if need be in excess of 1000 yards.
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    I seems to me I read years ago that there were several diffrent scopes including the Redfield 3-9 used. I know they used M1D, 03A3 and M-70's in the early part of the war untill 68 or so when they went to the m-40. Its been a while si I don't recall exactly who used what. I think Hathcock used a Win 30-06 his first tour, and the M-40 .308 his second. Look him up and it might tell you more.

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