Hi newbie here and i had a question regarding my new 110BA. I had a 10FP before and upgraded to a 110BA in 308 and now my reloads not chambering or if it does i see a shiny circle on the back of the casing. I was told that the 110BA is alot tighter then the 10FP, i was using LC brass and found out its way to thick so i went to PMC brass. At the moment my reloads are 168g HPBT hornady heads, IMR 4064 powder with 42grains, OAL is 2.75, this had no problem at all in my 10FP. Also the extractor pin and spring was gone when i went to pull the round out and extract the shell case, im kinda thinking it could be a case issue and or the loads are too hot. Did anyone else have the same problem? Any help would be awesome thank you!