Hello All & New to The Game

Hello All & New to The Game

This is a discussion on Hello All & New to The Game within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I just wanted to say hello to the forum, Ive lurked here over the course of the past few months just trying to read and ...

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    Hello All & New to The Game

    I just wanted to say hello to the forum, Ive lurked here over the course of the past few months just trying to read and learn. I am looking to get into the long-range game but I realize it is EXPENSIVE, So I am looking to upgrade my first .308 bolt action rifle to something in the $500.00 to $700.00 range. Trying to get the most bang for the buck. Things that matter to me are:

    - Must be in .308 (Im sitting on close to 1000 plain jane .308 rounds now)
    - Must be as accurate as possible out of the box and capable of 1000 yards (because idk if I'll ever be able to afford to get any custom work on the rifle but will if I can).
    - Have at least decent aftermarket support.

    Just so you know where I am coming from my current "long range\budget sniper" is a..........Remington 770 with low-grade glass. Don't laugh I purchased both when I had ZERO clues what I was buying.
    Anyhow, I want to upgrade this to something respectable in the entry-level range, I will say it shot better than I thought it would but I know I can do way better.

    So I was looking at the below rifle and wondering which would be best based off what I typed above. I know people will say get a Tikka T3 but I can't afford that. So these are my choices if you have other ideas feel free to post them.

    1) Howa 1500 (Gameking package). I would upgrade the glass.
    2) Ruger American Predator (I have a Ruger American in .223 and it shoots amazingly)
    3) Savage 10/110 Tactical
    4) Mossberg Patriot Night Train Package (again would upgrade the glass).
    5) Remington 700 SPS

    If I missed some obvious ones please let me know.

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    My suggestion is to use the Ruger American Predator in .223 that you already own. With proper ammo the .223 is capable of 600+ yard shots on targets. Maybe even 800 yard shots depending on the elevation of your shooting range and if you reload. The 77 grain SMK is probably supersonic out to 800 yards IIRC.

    Buy a better mount, rings, and a scope for the .223 and become more proficient at 600 yards before you spend money to shoot at 1,000 yards.

    If you really want a new rifle, then go for it. Just don't get sucked into the notion that you HAVE to have specialized equipment to shoot long range.

    Lastly, I highly recommend buying and reading the book Long Range Shooting Handbook by Ryan Cleckner. You'll learn a lot and you'll know how to fix the little, frustrating mistakes that EVERYONE makes when they first start shooting long range.


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