Rimfire-specific Training

Rimfire-specific Training

This is a discussion on Rimfire-specific Training within the Rimfire forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Gentlemen. This is a copy of what I posted in The Academy. That seemed the best place, but this is a rimfire topic, and it ...

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    Rimfire-specific Training


    This is a copy of what I posted in The Academy. That seemed the best place, but this is a rimfire topic, and it looks as though there's more traffic here than there.

    I HAVE looked through the threads: If I've missed the answer to the question I'm asking, you have my apologies in advance, alongside my thanks for giving me the appropriate links. But I think that I haven't. And I'm equally sure that I haven't missed anything on my Internet searches.

    While I'm fairly well versed in general riflery--not a master, but good enough to have passed Jeff Cooper's Gunsite rifle class back in the dear dead days without any reservations, and to have been a successful hunter with limited South African plains experience--I recognize that precision shooting is a foreign country. In my retirement now, I have the time to begin to learn something about the practice of long range shooting. But there's a catch, at least I think there is. I'm not uninterested in centerfire, but costs and range availability, and pretty crappy, recoil sensitive shoulders, make rimfire much more appealing. That's an end in itself for me. I'm in the planning stages of ordering a Vudoo rifle with suitable accessories with the Vudoo team's advice, and planning for it to be sent through the Lapua testing facility for ordering as much of the lots the gun likes as I can afford.

    The catch is that to get up and running in a discipline with which I have only reading familiarity (and I have been doing my homework), I'm pretty sure I'd be best served by going to long range school to start at the bottom. Of course, there're many fine precision riflery teachers with excellent credentials and good facilities, but they all are centerfire-based. Yes, I can rent a rifle and desiderata at many of them, buy the requisite ammunition, learn the basics behind the buttplate with a coach, then come home and try to extrapolate back to rimfire.

    But it seems to me that that's the long way 'round the cornfield, especially since I can't cultivate a practicing interest in using the centerfire gear. As well, there are quirks specific to centerfire and, equally, some to rimfire. So...anyone know of anybody who's teaching rimfire-specific "sniper" shooting? Ideally for me, that trainer would be located in reasonable driving range from central Colorado, but I'm willing to plan a trip farther afield if that's all that's available. Surely there's some NRL.22 or PRS operator who likes to teach, knows what's what, and can do what I'm asking? Yeah, of course, I can try to teach myself, but that seems inefficient, if it's doable at all. After all, the doctor who treats himself has a fool for a physician and a fool for a patient. And self-teaching the violin is daunting and fraught with avoidable error.

    Ideas? Referrals? Suggestions?

    Thanks for your patience.


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    Rimfire-specific Training

    You really should consider a RimX from Primal Rights. They are awesome rimfire setups and can come already lot-tested at lapua.

    Check out Gunhive.com for info on the RimX.

    As far as training goes, almost all centerfire training applies to rimfire as well. I went to primal rights training in SD, but it is farther than you want to drive. Worth it though. I drove from TN for the class.
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    If you can’t find training locally, then you could do worse than online training. Snipers hide has an online training option you can purchase for, I think, $15 per month. It allows access to the training videos. You could binge them all in one month and cancel after that. I’ve had a couple of hands on training sessions and competed a bit in PRS. I still learned some things in just the first few videos.


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