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  1. WTS/WTTLRI .223 Wylde / Bartlein 26" MTU, Jewell,1,275 shipped. Picture Uploaded

    Looking for quality glass in trade. High magnification only, got diagnosed with some eye shit so need the higher mag...

    Wont go lower, complete build sheet from LRI on request. Has a mag of ELDs...
  2. Going with the Barrel fitting and truing on the...

    Going with the Barrel fitting and truing on the .223. Gonna leave the .308 as is for a while.

    Question. Just for kicks today i inserted a PTG one piece bolt (.223 bolt face) on the .223 700...
  3. Rem 700... To true and rebarrel or just to true?

    Hey guys i have a quick question that my google fu was not able to hack.

    I currently own two Rem 700s. One is a earlier Police in .223 (old but hardly worn) and the second one is a old AND worn...
  4. Thread: Hello!!!

    by Mr.F


    Hello everyone!! Thanks for having me on this boards. Been lurking for awhile learning as much as i could and finally decided to join in. Not a expert at anything firearms related, but i do enjoy...
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