Both Eyes Open

Both Eyes Open

This is a discussion on Both Eyes Open within the SOP forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Inspired by Orkan's comment in a recent thread. How many of you guys shoot with both eyes open? I'm a habitual one-eye shooter and, to ...

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Thread: Both Eyes Open

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    Both Eyes Open

    Inspired by Orkan's comment in a recent thread. How many of you guys shoot with both eyes open? I'm a habitual one-eye shooter and, to be honest, am not sure I understand the benefits of aiming with both eyes open.

    If you're one of the guys in the both eyes open camp, can you provide any training tips? Thanks in advance.

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    Both eyes open. It's easier on my eyes to shoot with them both open. I don't want to squint for 3-5 hours during a match, that would be uncomfortable.

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    I used to shoot one eye open. then I used a patch over my non dominant eye and made things a lot more comfortable. Then I started shooting my bow without the patch and my natural point of aim seemed to always be on point. I vote both eyes open much more comfortable for sure and for me gives me a great natural point of aim.

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    Got to have both open or yu end up straining the one open eye.

    I am able to focus on wind flags with my left eye and thr target with my right. The two 'ghost' together like a head up display. It makes getting the shot off in bad weather much easier.

    Initially though I wore an eye blind (or had one stuck on the side of the rifle). It allowed my to keep the eye open, but have a blank image. Importantly though, the eye blind was translucent though, so it did let light through. This meant that both eyes get the same amount of light, so reduce the eye strain, but the side on the eye blind wasn't distracted by an image.
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    It has been very tough for me to shoot with both eyes using a rifle or pistol, but a rifle is a little easier. My main issue is that I am right handed but left eye dominant. You can learn to cope with that but it requires a hell of a lot of concentration.

    Note: This year I had cataract surgery and had the new lenses set for mono-vision; distance in the left and close in the right. This has made a difference but it's hard to break years of habit.
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    When I'm scanning or just looking I tend to use both eyes, but when I'm about to pull the trigger I use one.

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    Tension in your body when running a rifle isn't desirable. Closing an eye creates tension, unless you can close one eye as effortlessly as a blink. Yet you lose almost all situational awareness even if you can do that. Blinders or closing an eye belongs on a square range with RO's present. Even then I could debate against it.

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    Two eyes open always ... maximize FOV.
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    both open!

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    I use a combination of one eye both eyes open. I wil lightly close one eye just prior to firing to check if cross hairs shift then reopen to fire.

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