Breathing technique - natural respiratory pause

Breathing technique - natural respiratory pause

This is a discussion on Breathing technique - natural respiratory pause within the SOP forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Well i recently started training air gun shooting and also ocasionally go out of the city and shoot a small caliber rifle. I read few ...

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    Breathing technique - natural respiratory pause

    Well i recently started training air gun shooting and also ocasionally go out of the city and shoot a small caliber rifle. I read few articles about the shooting techniques and most important things to care about when taking a shot.

    I read about natural respiratory pause and I think i understood it well, but I'd still like to check if I'm doing things correctly with people who are experienced. Basically, natural respiratory pause is the moment when you exhale,and then you naturaly stop breathing for a second before you take a new breath. In that second when you stop brothing you should hold your breath and aim, 8-10 seconds maximum. Have I understood it right ? I do feel that I'm most relaxed when i take breath at that exact moment but also in that moment lungs are pretty empty so i don't feel most comfortable in one way, and also after alot of training i even get a very slight headache(not actually headache but i do feel a bit strange).
    Do i do things correctly ? Is holding breath at natural respiratory pause really so important thing or it doesnt really matter alot ? Thank you.

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    Yes you have that tenique down correctly, as stated above however everyone is diffrent. You may want to try and hold with 1/2 your breath exhaled, or the other tenique I learned originaly was called trapping.

    With this system you never hold your breath, but continue to take slow deep breaths. The key here in knowing when and where your trigger breaks. Take in a deep breath and as you exhale hold tention on the trigger, but not enough to fire. You should just be taking up any slack. As your sights come down and get closer you shoud be adding tention to the trigger slowly pulling it and when you are lined up with the target the trigger should break. Never jerk the trigger. At first you may tend to do that.

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    thanks alot people. half full lungs are what instructor told me but on most places i read about breathing they say to use respiratory pause technique. so there isnt actually a universal way so it looks like i'll gota find what works the best for. i'll go to the range and test myself to see when is my hand steadier.

    yeah trigger jerk was the problem, i realised it recently. i used to wait until the ironsights are exactly on the right place and then quickly press the trigger before the rifle moves. actually its opposite of what instructor told me, i realised it recently.

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    I like to use the respratory pause because when I'm looking through the scope while breathing my crosshairs are moving (obviously) so I take note of crosshair location when my lungs are empty. I try to match this to my target, so when I finish my breathing cycle and let the last breath out, the crosshairs are on target without physically adjusting the rifle. This decreases the amount of time I hold my breath, all I have to do is slack and squeeze.

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    I don't worry about respiratory pause until after I have broken the shot. Then I check the HVT to confirm his respiratory pause is permanent. :lol:

    Seriously though, pausing works for some. Others just get a headache or start to see dark circles. If your heart rate is up, you won't want to pause for long. Slow steady breathing and shooting on a slow exhale works best for me, especially offhand. If I am shooting from a supported position, the breathing does not matter much, the bullet is going home.

    When shooting offhand, even the worlds best have a certain wobble they must accept ( David Tubbs, and Malcomb Cooper) these guys control the wobble into a figure 8 shape lying on its side. They time the trigger break off of a controlled wobble with a very slow exhale or extremely short pause.

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    From a competitive .22 target shooters point of view....Yes, you have it right.....but if you are getting a headache, don't hold so long.

    If the shot isn't there, keep steady breathing until you are definitely ready for the shot....then look away from the sight for a few seconds - but keep the rifle on aim (it relaxes the eyes), then look back to the sight - your sight image should still be central, and now you take 2 breaths, on the exhale of the second breath you naturally (not forced) empty our lungs. IF you are happy with the shot, you take it - if not....breath in again and repeat.

    For my shooting, a 1 to 2 second stop should be ample, as if I am in position and ready to fire I should only need a moment to settle and release the trigger. Not releasing the trigger is actually one of the hardest things to do, as your whole set up and mind set is building for the next signal to the finger to be the one to squeeze and not "not squeeze".
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    Quote Originally Posted by wargone
    I forgot to add.

    When you breath, try breathing with your stomach more than your chest.
    The stomach area holds about 70% or your air. The chest can actually restrict your breathing. Most young runners fall into this catagory, they breath too much with their chest and before they hit 1/2 a mile, they feel like their chest is going to explode.
    Try laying down and breathing with your stomach more than your might be a little surprised.
    Your abdomen does not contain any air unless you have a perforated viscus and then you are looking at an emergent exploratory laparotomy. The lungs contain 100% of the air we use for ventilation inside the thorax. Perhaps you are referring to the use of one's abdominal muscles to assist the diaphragm in initiating breathes.


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