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Thread: Suppressor help

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    ultra 7 vs ultra 9 will not make an accuracy difference. They are equally precise cans. Maneuverability is the main difference. I know 2" doesn't sound like much, but it makes a difference. The sound of the 308 through ultra 7 vs ultra 9 is almost indistinguishable. the ultra 9 shines with magnum calibers.

    an ultra 7 or ultra 9 in 30 cal will work with a 223 AR for precision. You can even get a 1/2-28 brake for the suppressor so that you won't have to use adapters. It will be louder than a dedicated 223 can, but will work fine for precision as long as you don't get it too hot. That goes with ANY titanium can.

    If you are going to be changing rifles much at all, then be sure to get the brake attach. I only use brake attach cans now as they work so well. (thunderbeast brake attach that is. Other brands are VERY hit/miss as far as precision through brake attach cans).
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    I got an TB Ultra 338 which is 10.5" long, because I intended to use it for a 300 Norma Mag. I got the integrated muzzle breaks and I put them on my 6.5CM and my 308 so I could use the suppressor on them as well. Most of my shooting is target except in the fall and then it's hunting. I'll be taking my 308 hunting suppressed for the first time this year. I suspect the Can will be a bit long to deal with. I still hunt in a blind so I don't think it'll be an issue, but if it is I'll just take the can off.

    As far as the performance of the brake, both the 6.5CM and the 308 Win sound like a loud bull whip crack, which is a far cry from the sound un-suppressed.

    I will say this, the recoil from a suppressed rifle, IN MY EXPERIENCE, is a little weird. its kind of a push pull kind of minor nudge.

    I had a very minor POI shift that was almost imperceptible on both my 6.5CM and my 308 using my can.

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    Griffin Armament is known for minimal POI shift. I run their dedicated Recce 5, they have a plethora of dedicated .30 cal options for direct thread or taper mount

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