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bipod mounting problem

This is a discussion on bipod mounting problem within the Technical Problems forums, part of the & Related category; Originally Posted by deadshot2 I guess my point is that there are some tasks that make sense for a gun owner to learn how to ...

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Thread: bipod mounting problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadshot2 View Post
    I guess my point is that there are some tasks that make sense for a gun owner to learn how to do themselves. Add the shipping expense to event he best "turn around" time and to me it makes no sense to send work like adding a sling stud out. Not when the cost of materials is less than that of the shipping alone.

    On the other hand I keep forgetting that I grew up in an age when people weren't as afraid of tools like many in this current era. I guess that's why good gunsmiths are getting so busy and so many not so good gunsmiths are getting in the business.
    I have to agree with you, I grew up building and growing everything we had... I really don't like letting others work on my things, and will just plain refuse it most of the time. I would definitely install the stud myself, but if he can't do it than he can't do it... For whatever reason
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    First strip & build I carried out was converting an Enfield single shot (no mag) TR into an Enforcer. That included fitting a bolted in bipod mount & re-bedding - plus floating the barrel.

    Not once did I think about what I was doing... I knew what I wanted to end up with & I knew the internet would help me.

    Learning by diving in the deep end.

    Turned out to be really simple to the point I felt foolish for putting it off for so long!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkansas89 View Post
    but if he can't do it than he can't do it...
    And more often than not it's not a matter of "can't" but just "don't want to". I can respect both but offer instructions so one can make that decision for themselves.

    Often people think they can't but only because no one has explained how easy the task can be.
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