Hi all,

My wife and I will be heading out to Tucson in December to visit family. As we always do, we will be dragging a rifle along for some long range shooting that we otherwise do not have available to us here in CT. We have been members of Tucson Rifle Club for several years and have scheduled their 1000 yard match range for a two hour window on this visit. As this range is designed for match shooting, it does have some limitations in that we will likely have to shoot from the 600 yard line to a steel target at a berm 200 or so yards beyond the scored pits. If we shoot this target from the 1000 yard covered position, this yields a slant range of aprox 1200 yards. A distance I prefer to avoid. Furthermore, if LEOs or military need the range, we will of course be happy to yield.

My question has to do with true long range shooting options around Tucson. Does anyone know of a safe and isolated place in the desert on public land which yields 1000 yards that may be useful to us for the very occasional visit? We have our own gong to use as a target. Thanks in advance for the inputs.