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If you are new to SC, please introduce yourself here.
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If you are new to tactical shooting or rifles, please read here first, it will answer a lot of your questions - a continous work in progress
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Sniping Related


Have a question or wish to post a review about a rifle? Do it here.
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This forum is for all things optical... rifle scopes, spotting scopes, bino's etc.
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Methods, procedures, and general discussions.
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To cover any other topics relating to sniping only.
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Discuss Supressors in this section.
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Cartridges & Calibers

If you have a question about ballistics, wish to argue in support of your favorite caliber, or just want to learn more about factory ammo... just come on in here. This is also the place to put any handload recipes or post your handloading questions.
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This is the place to post pictures of your rifles, your ghillies, or anything else!!
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Modern Sporting Rifles

Discuss sport configurable rifles such as the Ares SCR here.
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Sidearms / Shotguns

When things get bad, a sidearm may be the last resort. Go here to discuss where snipers are using for sidearms while in the field.
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The place to discuss all your rimfire topics. Rimfires and match style air rifles can be a great and affordable way to improve marksmanship
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Do you have a question about a "do it yourself" project? Ask it here, or even post your experiences for others to learn from.
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Discuss reloading in this section.
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Discuss Gunsmithing in this section.
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Field & Tactical


This forum is for anyone who likes to make something out of nothing. Everything from shooting sticks to survival tools, let's get crafty!
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The Academy

Let's discuss how you train to hone your skills as a Marksman. Everything from the fundamentals to Precision Match Training. What drills you run, effective shooting positions, tactical communication and everything in between!
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This is for all of you Ghillied out, see you before you see me kind of guys. What's your favorite camouflage pattern/material? Post pics of your homemade Ghilly suit and talk about everything Camo!
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Technical Problems

If you are experiencing any technical problems, post them here!
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Product Review Requests

Is there a particular product you would like to see reviewed on the site? Post it here.
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Latest & News

Check here for the latest information from the team
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Forum Requests

If you would like to see a new forum added, or an existing one changed, feel free to email us or post your request here.
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Forum Official Business

Please read the official rules of conduct and other business here.
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Postal Matches - Official

This is the location to find out about and participate in official postal matches.
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Classifieds - Rifles

Looking for, or trying to sell a rifle? This is where you do it. is not responsible for any transactions. Check the federal and local laws before agreeing to any purchase.
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Classifieds - Optics

Buy or Sell your optics here.
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Classifieds - KIT

For other items that are a part of the snipers kit. (Ghillies, LBE, knives, etc)
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Classifieds - Ammunition

Buy and sell your ammo here, again, is not responsible for transactions.
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Classifieds - Everything Else

One person's junk is another person's treasure
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Want to Buy

Looking to buy something you can't find in the other areas? Post a WTB ad in here.
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This forum will be used for adding feedback for sellers and purchasers in the classifieds.
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Vendor Deals

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Sponsor Listings

This is an area for companies or individuals to post their advertising links. These are paid advertisers posting and the posts will be commercial in nature.
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Camera Land

Camera Land - 866-9optics
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Community Help Section
Competitions and Training Opportunities


Competitions, Shooting Facilities and Available Training in the Eastern time zone
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Competitions, Shooting Facilities and Available Training in the Central time zone
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Competitions, Shooting Facilities and Available Training in the Mountain time zone
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Competitions, Shooting Facilities and Available Training in the Western time zone
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Foreign and Other

Competitions, Shooting Facilities and Available Training in countries and territories outside of the USA.
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