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1/4 MOA Guaranteed Rifles?

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I'm interested in knowing who makes precision rifles with 1/4 MOA 100 yard guarantees. Additionally, I'm interested in knowing if these guarantees are for real, or just marketing fluff, or come with an asterick with the attached fine text, something like "clamped in a vise with custom handloads, best 3 of 5" or some other nonsense.

I have heard Tac Ops and Texas Brigade Armory, are these two true, and are there any others?

Also, does anyone have any experience with the Baker Special stock? I like the design, but have never had a chance to hold one and see for myself.

Of course, only the .308 need apply.

Thanks in advance.
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springfield armory has a .25 MOA guarantee on their hathcock model m14

the M25 white feather tactical or something...
Well, the only stipulation I know of for both Tac-Ops and TBA is that it must be federal match ammo. I believe there are some others what will do a .25 guarantee, but I do not remember them off the top of my head

To answer your question, yes some do. I cannot speak for every company due to the fact that I do not own a rifle from every one of them.

You can't go wrong with Georgia Precision, HD Rifles, Iron Brigade, Tac Ops, Patriot Rifles(theres two with this name, the better one) and SC Rifles.

I would recommed SC Rifles as Mel can tell you, they are a great deal on very well built rifles. Without a doubt one of the best buys. I plan to get one myself.

Even though I had some bolt work done by TBA, there have been issues in the past with them and some SWAT buddies of mine and so I avoid them now. Mike Lau does produce good work however as my personal preferance I have not had any work done by his shop since.

My .02
The only companies that I know who give such a guarantee are Tac Ops and I think TBA.

The companies that turn out excellent quality tactical rifles and have genearlly rave reviews from their owners are as noted earlier:

HD Rifles,
GA Precision,
Tac Ops,
Patriot Arms (I have one that that shoots lights out; I have a friend with one that shoots better than mine).

There are other companies, but I have no experience and have heard little about them.

i know of 2
Texas Brigade Armory
Tactical Operations

Springfield Armory M25 has a 1/2 MOA guarentee while thier other M1As have a 1 MOA guarentee
I would argue that to give a 1/4 moa guarantee without a couple of conditions would be impossible. Without stating, load, range etc. you would simply be setting up your product for failure regardless of build quality. I just got finished out my first custom and what I found was that gurantee or not the good smiths simply stand behind their product. With any of the above stated smiths I can't imagine you would have a problem.

well do they use a vice?

means the gun is capable of .25 MOA
if it shoots .2499999999 MOA from a vice and doesnt shoot .26 MOA when the best shooter shoots it, the rifle met it's guarentee
this could be indoors too but dont forget that outdoors accuracy is the same, your ability to judge wind is the limiting factor
same for range- if you can predict where the environment takes it, the rifle should shoot just as accurately all the way out there

of course ammo- Tac Ops guarentees it with Federal Gold Medal 168 gr BTHP only
so guess what- if it shoots .25 MOA w/ FGMM 168 gr and doesnt group a dinner bowl with some other load, it met it's guarentee
I never used a vice to the shoot the sub-1/4 MOA 5 shot groups with my Patriot Arms GTR (pure luck and lots of ammo got me to the promised land). :D

(of course those are my best groups, not my average - more like sub-.50 or my worst groups - that's a secret) :wink:

Specter, could you be specific about the issues encountered with TBA?
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