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10/22 "tack driver"

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On another thread Jeff850 just mentioned different mods to make a 10/22 more accurate. I just mounted a scope on mine(the first time I've ever had a scope on a .22) in order to get more trigger time with a scope. However, the rifle dosen't really warrant the scope, as a good group measures about 2" at 50yds.
I would like to accurize it if I can do so in a cost effective manner, so if you have any good suggestions let me know.
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well you could get a new barrel for it, hopefully someone will know which type of barrel is the most accurate
i dont think .22 LR barrels would cost you that much but i dont personally own a modded 10/22 but ive seen for myself what they are capable of
im sure there are a few people here who will know more about which brands than i do

heres some aftermarket 10/22 barrels but i oculdnt tell you about thier quality ... 90U0169CHF

can even get McMillian stocks for them but of course there still pricey :(
yeah, dont buy **** from cheaper than dirt.

Buy a wistle pig barrel or a volquartsen barrel. Buy a volquartsen trigger group, or if you really want to spend some cash, then buy a Kidd trigger.

Stay away from carbon fibre barrels as they get shot out very quickly. Green mountain makes ok barrels for cheap.

Volquartsen also sells a v-block.. which youll want. And one of the polyurethane recoil buffers.

look at weponkraft. Also lilja too if youve got the cash.

buy everything ive got here, and get it pillar bedded and you'll be shooting 2 inch groups at 100 yards instead of 50.
yea but get the best barrel, pillar bedding etc gonna be useless in a breeze at that range
as far as ideal conditions it'll be a tack driver
I have a 10/22 and love it. For info I would recommend going to great site with great info

The biggest thing I would suggest is just getting out there and shooting you 10/22 as is. 22lr are very picky when it comes to ammo. Go pick yourself up a large selection of ammo and see what your 10/22 likes. Finding a brand your 10/22 likes will greatly tighten those groups. Just remember when switching ammo brands to foul the barrel with at least 10 rounds before you measure groups. When you get to a point that you feel as though a certain part is possibly holding you back then upgrade. 22lr is a great learning tool.

But if you want to snoop around:

As for barrels I would recommend going with a Green Mountain Barrel
Unless you would like to get a Shilen or Lilja. GM barrels will tighten you groups up. If you are going to shoot matches then you might want to look into Shilen and Lilja but they are very expensive. GM barrels come highly recommended by lots of people.

If you are looking for a new stock:

For parts I would suggest:

Definatley snoop around Rimfirecentral though. You will find lots of info there. And like I said above save some cash and get to know the rifle first
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Thanks a lot for all the help! It is appreciated. Murray- good links, good advice. I'll put different ammo through it. I'm just barely getting into target-type shooting and have always just shot the cheapest stuff. As for getting to know the rifle, I honestly think I've put at least 5,000 rounds through it myself.
I like the looks of Green Mountain barrels. It's probably waaaay overdue.
murray - you prefer green mountain over a whistle pig?

thats the first time ive ever heard that.
Cabelas sells Green Mountain barrels for 89.99. The only place I can find Whistling pig barrels wants 159.99, almost the price of a new 10/22.
yeah, and a lilja will run you double the price of a 10/22.... they sell green mountain barrels to people who dont need or want the best.

If thats what your after then by all means pick it up. I love saving money just as much as the next fella.

If a "custom" barrel is sold in cabela's., it should tell you something about its quality.

Im not giving you cheap, im giving you good. If you cant afford it then i guess youll have to go with the mass produced green mountain.
Have heard good things also about Whistle Pig barrels but have not used them myself. I have a GM barrel that is a couple years old and love it. I am waiting till they get the problems with the 17hm2 and the 10/22 conversions work out and am going to switch. I like those 17's.
You're right, I'm sure that the WP barrels are better. At least they'd better be with what they want for them. But as I am not planning to enter any matches with a 10/22, and the GM barrels perform better than what I have, they'll work.
Good idea on replacing the trigger. I didn't even realize there was a problem until I mounted a scope. That trigger is HORRIBLE.
10-22 Accuracy !

I bought my first one some 35 years ago for all of 40 bucks and I have shot half adozen others over the years and none of them have been as bad as (2'' Groups at 50 yards).
Mine has been the oldest I have seen so far and it has had more shells put through it than You can carry in your daddy's old Chevy truck, and since my eyes started going bad on me last year I put a scope that I had just laying around, a much bigger scope than most 30-30s ever see, it is just an old TASCO 3,5-12x32, it is cheap but it does not have to withstand any recoil.
Mine seems to like CCI brand and at 150 yards it will hold to less than 1/2" groups, my range is 500yds inside an old shelterbelt.
ALL 22s seem to like a certain brand, you just have to find what it wants to eat, I have seen a few 10-22s that have had 2 and 3 grand put into them by some of the other members of the CHISOM TRAIL GUN CLUB but if you dont find what they like to eat then even they will not keep up with my old standard Ruger with CCI HP's.
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try this sight....

these guys know what they are talkin about... and have a lot of nice looking and deadly accurate .22s
My buddy has a Ruger 10-22 that was all decked out. He had a nice scope on it and a Butler Chreek heavy barrel. At 25 yards we were getting 5 shot groupings with in 1". I personaly think the barrel helped the most.

At 25 yards you should be able to put every round in the same hole, standing freehand if you are useing the right ammo for the barrel.
Try pickiong up 5 or 6 different brands and see if you can not get better groups with one or two of them, I did not mention in my last post that the 150 yard groups of 1/2" were made with a vise, not as steady as I once was hahaha
old sight... if your getting half inch groups at 150 yards with a rimfire then me and you should travel the country showing that amazing gun of yours.

actually im just going to assume your a liar. which you are.
Re: 10-22's

At 25 yards you should be able to put every round in the same hole, standing freehand if you are useing the right ammo for the barrel.
Try pickiong up 5 or 6 different brands and see if you can not get better groups with one or two of them, I did not mention in my last post that the 150 yard groups of 1/2" were made with a vise, not as steady as I once was hahaha
We wernt using any bipods, bags or blocks, just holding the rifle in our hands with no support.
thats a nice group for 75 feet offhand unsupported, Jay.
Muzzleblast said:
thats a nice group for 75 feet offhand unsupported, Jay.
Thank you kind sir.
10/22 accuracy

The right ammo is the key for a 10/22, as Murray mentioned. I've done several interesting tests of accuracy and wound effects with .22LR rounds, including Stingers, Velocitors, Quik Shocks, Yellow Jackets, Mini-Mags, etc. and they all very greatly in performance out of my 10/22. At 50 yards though, for accuracy, I outshot all the others with a 1/2" group with the CCI Mini-Mags, vs. 1 3/4" group with the Winchester 36gr High-Vel. which consistently shot the worst group. Keep in mind this is with a 3-9x scope, aftermarket stock, and a bipod. Interestingly enough, however, Mini mags were nearly the least effective in my ballistic wound testing. They made the smallest temporary wound channel and expanded hardly at all, unlike the Velocitors which reliably expand to .30 cal and the yellow jacket which expanded to .45 cal. So it's a trade off, hunting effectiveness vs. tack driving accuracy.
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