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.219 Zipper and .219 Zipper High Speed

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I was going threw some old stuff when i found 4 shells 2 were .219 Zippers and the other 2 were .219 Zipper HighSpeeds the difference was the highspeed looked more like .300 H&H mag with the rounded necking down and the regular .219 Zipper looks more like a .300 WM with the more crisp necking down. There no where near the same size of those cartrides thats just a comparison of the necking. I was wondering if any one knew the ballistics of these old shells because i cannot find them and i think they stopped producing them in the 60's.
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any one even hear of these cartridges before?
yea i can see it is more like a .30-30 but the other cartige i found had more necking down and was a bit shorter than the other one
never mind what i just said i was reading at the site and there is an "improved form of the bullet this is proably the other shell that i found
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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