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.223 vs .308

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i am fairly new to calibers of rifles. but i am looking into buying a very good quality of rifle, one that i am going to use for a few years maybe. i wondering what would be the caliber that snipers ( preferably police/swat not into military) would prefer? 223 or 308? and i know this might end up with a lot of replies but what would be a good quality rifle? under 1000. thanks for your replies

I dont check this very often so my email is : [email protected] if you have any knowledge about this please answer. thanks
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If I were new to shooting, as you obviously are due to your limited knowledge of rifles and thier calibres. I would start with a quality .22lr such as a CZ or Ruger blolt action and scope it out with a Leupold VX1 3-9X40.

The reason for this is the .22lr is accurate ammo is cheap so you can practice heaps. Also it is softer on a new shooter ie noise, recoil etc ...99.9%of shooters started here.

I suggest joining a club or shoot with a more experienced person. This will give you an opportunity to learn proper handling/safety protocol and shooting skils. Also this will give you the oportunity to interact with other makes, models and calibers of firearms.

I hope this helps


Mulga :D
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