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.223 vs .308

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i am fairly new to calibers of rifles. but i am looking into buying a very good quality of rifle, one that i am going to use for a few years maybe. i wondering what would be the caliber that snipers ( preferably police/swat not into military) would prefer? 223 or 308? and i know this might end up with a lot of replies but what would be a good quality rifle? under 1000. thanks for your replies

I dont check this very often so my email is : [email protected] if you have any knowledge about this please answer. thanks
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With .22 caliber rounds I really understand why police shooters go for the "T zone" that Mlammers described. Otherwise it probably really could go straight through someone and not knock him down. Like the guys you see with an X-ray of a 13 inch rambo knife in his skull, who was still able to walk and talk, and wasn't even sure what had happened to him.

I know Mel likes his .243, and thats a better choice. I guess the next step up would be .260 remington.
heh, I guess a critical situation needing a police sniper isn't where you want to "think outside the box" as they say
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