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22lr choice for a novice

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My friend took me shooting a few times and i really enjoyed it. after trying different things i have found longer range target shooting to be most enjoyable and Im looking to buy my first rifle. i have about $300 and after some research i have narrowed it down to a ruger 10/22 and a a cz 452 training rifle as both use inexpensive 22lr rounds. Which would be the better choice for a novice? What would be a good scope if i intend on shooting no farther than 100m for the time being?

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any one of the synthetic stocked marlin bolt actions are fine choices, i own an 880ss which is not made anymore but is identical to the 980v just with a stainless barrel
i own a Marlin Bolt 22mag GREAT GUN.
what do you like about the marlin?

has anyone shot a cz 452 trainer?

i just found it interesting that it uese the mauser action, has an adjustable trigger for weight, a hammer forged barrel and is still only $200. im just trying to keep the whole package under $300.

what would be a good scope for targets at a 50y - 100y range?
are u willing to go an extra $100 over on your scope? the leupold rifleman series is a very good line of scopes. leupold gives all their scopes a lifetime guarentee incase something goes wrong with it. leupold scopes are very good quality, and im looking into the 2-7 power one for myself. it has a 33mm objective and half moa clicks, which is good if your only gonna be shooting up to 100 yards. just my suggestion :D
For a novice, definitely go with a bolt gun. Simpler, easier to use, easier to maintain, and fewer things that could go wrong. If you're just starting out, I would advise using iron sights before buying a scope. What's the use of buying a BMW when you don't know how to drive your daddy's Ford? Don't just take my word for it though. I'm not exactly an expert.
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