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OK, I orig. posted about a build project a long time ago. Here are the updated details - Rem M700 short action in .243, blued. Was going to make a nice .308 out of it. untill yesterday. Talked to friend last night and he said that a smith could make that .243 bolt face (0.473) to fit a 300 WSM (needs .534) said all the smith had to do is use a sako or M-16 type extractor (?). Before I call my smith I have a couple of other questions.

Is the internal magazine long enough for the 300WSM?

Whats ya'lls overall feelings on this type of conversion?

I will be buying new floor metal and using an existing H.S. stock. Barrel will come from Montana (MEL, who do you deal with out there, going to let them know I got their name from you) Looking at a #6 or #7 contour. THis rifle will be for hunting and target shooting, what contour would be best? What about barrel length on the 300 WSM 22", 24", 26"? Twist??

This rifle will be shooting as light of a round as it can for whitetail and needs to be able to handle a heavy round for elk or sheep. What will a 125 noslier B.Tip do in the 300WSM?

Thanks guys! (i know, i know, lots of questions!!)

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Okay, first, my contact at Montana Rifleman is Jeff. It would be nice if you did let him know I sent you.

second, The bolt will need a new extractor, but the bolt face itself will also need to be opened up. Your smith should be able to do it for you. Personally, I "prefer" to keep the bolt faces the size they came from the factory, but I am probably unique in these regards.

If you go .300 WSM, I would opt for at least a 24" barrel. Barrel length effect on velocity is more pronounced on higher power calibers like the WSM.

Contour, if you plan to use it for hunting, I might suggest a #6 contour. Saves you some weight, but still heavy. (look at the SC1 prototype, that is a 26" #6 contour).

The internal magazine is long enough, but you will need to replace the follower with a short magnum follower. You can get these from

1:10" twist should do the trick nicely.

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