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Okay, first, my contact at Montana Rifleman is Jeff. It would be nice if you did let him know I sent you.

second, The bolt will need a new extractor, but the bolt face itself will also need to be opened up. Your smith should be able to do it for you. Personally, I "prefer" to keep the bolt faces the size they came from the factory, but I am probably unique in these regards.

If you go .300 WSM, I would opt for at least a 24" barrel. Barrel length effect on velocity is more pronounced on higher power calibers like the WSM.

Contour, if you plan to use it for hunting, I might suggest a #6 contour. Saves you some weight, but still heavy. (look at the SC1 prototype, that is a 26" #6 contour).

The internal magazine is long enough, but you will need to replace the follower with a short magnum follower. You can get these from

1:10" twist should do the trick nicely.

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