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Who makes the best .260 ammo? I've heard alot about the round, including the fact that ammo is hard to find, but my father just picked up a 700 in .260, and I want to see how it shoots.
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I was looking for .260 ammo myself when I decided to buy a 6.5 rifle. But the only manufacture of that ammo that I could find was Remington. So I decided on the 6.5 Swede. I really would wish more manufactures would make .260 Rem like Hornady. But Federal makes .260 Rem try those out, see how it shoots.
.260 ammo

I have had good results with Remington ballistic tip 140gr. Made 4 head shot deer kills last year. One 8pointer at 220 yds thru chest. One coyote at 196 yds thru middle (could only make out ball of fur). You will like the .260. out to 600 great, they say for 1000 yds you need the 6.5 x 284. Gud Luck
I have used both the remington and the federal and I like the 120gr ballistic tip for long range shooting. That load itself will outperform the best 308 match at 1000.

Now, that being said, I still plan to have some match 123gr scenar ammo loaded up by HSM at 2900fps for SC. That load will have slightly better ballistics than the federal 190gr 300 Win Mag match ammo. I will try to bump that project up my priority list.

if you reload i have had the best shooting with 120grn seirra and imr powder.. buddy of mine likes same bullet but reloader 19.. awesome groups at 100yrds. i made the mistake when i first got the pistol ,savage striker and was thinking shotgun and not rifle. just grazzed the deers back a buddy shot it later that day and i had held the sights on the top of her shoulder thinking again shotgun at 120yrds. and just skinned her . what a flat shooter she is.. ive shot 140 grn hand loads and accuracy fell off so i stay with 120 hand loads and its a great shooter..but anyway like you say not many loaded ammo makers out there that i have found . the remington are good just that i wanted tighter groups so i went with handloading.. hope this helps.
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