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.264 win mag, 6.5x55,6.5 rem mag, or .257 weathebry mag

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i want to buy a new gun in oe of those caliber.... if i go for the .264 win,6.5x55, or 6.5 rem mag i will find a used 700 or m70 and put it in a mcmillan or hs precision... if i get a .257 wetaherby it will be a vanguard ordererd through the custom shop with krieger kriterion barrel and cnc machined alum. bedding block and good stock
for the 6.5x55 if i decide i want taht i may save up a long time for an sc1
help me!!

ps-i got my .22-250 this weekend!
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would it be fairly difficult to find a m70 or a m700 in one of these caliber except for the 257 mag.. i already said what route i would be going through the custom shop like my .22-250(better stock with a cnc macnhined aluminum bedding block, target crowned barrel)
yeah i was looking at my winchester and remmy catalogs last night and was like damn... i would like to find a used one though..a lil less expesnive and i want the barreled action only...

but thank you
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