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30-06 Long Distance...............

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Hey guys i need to know what ammo is very good for a 30-06 for long distance shots..........and also i hear the bullet travels upwards then downwards when the weopen is fired. I thought this was false.
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Bullets start dropping as soon as they exit the barrel. The further away the target is the further the bullet will drop before impact. In order to counteract this scopes are zeroed in at a certain range. If you follow the trajectory of the bullet once you have your rifle sighted in, then the arc of the bullet will rise above the straight trajectory to the point of impact on the target. So if you have a rifle zeroed at 100 yards and are making a shot at a target closer than 100 yards you will have to have the rifle aimed lower than you would at its 100 yard set point. If you are aiming at a target at a range longer than the 100 yard set point then you will have to aim the rifle higher in order to hit the target at the desired spot.

All of these settings are relative to ammo, barrel length, where rifle is dialed in at, elevation relative to target, etc.

Match-grade ammunition is the only real precision/long range ammo. To be honest, you're not going to be shooting long range this early anyhow, so Cabela's bulk ammo should suffice. It's probably not going to be overly accurate, but it'll give you a lot of trigger time for your money. Military surplus ammo is another good alternative, but it you're kinda taking a chance if you don't know what to look for.
well to be honest i could could hit stuff like 250 yrds easy
if the scope would hold a zero ima get a new sceope prolly a mueller
hitting stuff at 250y is easy
the real challenge begins when your shooting way out there
its a totally differnt game
you spend just as much effort dialing in the scope as you do shooting the rifle at 1000y and MUST have a complete understanding of what the bullet will do at that range
until you master the range your shooting at i doint reccomend going out much further yet
alright cool, thanks guys, when i get my new scope and bipod ill let yall know how things go, ill use my webcam and get some pics of targets and tell teh yardage
olson said:
Hey guys i need to know what ammo is very good for a 30-06 for long distance shots quote]
oleson mel told me about some sabot 30-06 shells you might want to look at for long distant shooting i cant remember the specs on them but they were kick butt

mel if you read this could you please put the ammo link back up
so i can order some for mine....i know i know i shoulda ordered it the first time but i forgets sometimes :D
The sabot .30-06 is made by remington, called "Accelerator". YOu can find it on their homepage.

thanks guys ill look into that........and also i posted a forum about magnum powder with ballistic tips in my casing.... woudl that be a good idea?? or woudl it blow up. i never got a real clear answer thanks
you never said what gun it would be for
just stick to regular ammo like everyone else and you'll be fine
IN terms of handloading, never never never ever in your life (if you value it) exceed the recommended max loads for a caliber unless you seriously know what you are doing and know all the high pressure signs (and even then a case can be made against doing it)

alright thanks guys for the helpful information
For a long range .30-06 load, I would use a heavy bullet with high ballistic coefficient.

I saw such a load last night in the Speer manual. They had a 190 grain bullet with a bc of over 0.5.

And using H-4350, they were getting well over 2600 fps. That would be a good load.

Agreed mad, that sounds like a very nice load. And with 190gr, it would provide some good penetration and energy when it arrived on target.

Hey i cant find those sabot rounds can someone provide me with the link..............and by the way ill be shooting very long distances with my new mueller that ill order next week i was sold on all the reviews. thanks but i am still interested on what mel has to say
Be careful with the accelerator, the accuracy is not as good as with heavier bullets, just that it moves faster. Guy at the range had a box and was gving them away after he fired two 5 shot groups.
sabot round?
or a rather LIGHT short .30 cal round?
the standard 1:10 and probably 1:12 twist barrel for a .30 cal was NEVER made to handle a damn 55 gr round!!!
Jeff_850 said:
sabot round?
or a rather LIGHT short .30 cal round?
the standard 1:10 and probably 1:12 twist barrel for a .30 cal was NEVER made to handle a damn 55 gr round!!!
It is a sabot .224 55gr bullet. For a 55gr, 1:12 and 1:10 should work just fine. The inaccuracy comes from the difficulty of loading sabot's accurately, especially mass produced.

Here is a link to a site that sells it, with a picture.

i meant for a non-sabot round
but i can see why a sabot would be a tough one to get good accuracy out of
suppose a gun might like them though... depends if they do or not
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