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30-378 Wby Mag

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whats the deal on this cartridge, im seeing numbers toward 3800 FPS pusing an 180 grain bullet.

is it a barrel burner?
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In a word - YES.

Look at the numbers you are talking about - 3,800 fps for a 180 grain .30 cal. If you can expect to get only 1,500-1,800 rounds from a 300 Win. Mag (shooting 190 grain bullets at 2,900 fps), this beast it is going to eat the throat of its barrel at least every 1,000-1,200 rounds (and that's assuming you don't heat it up by doing rapid fires).
yes but can you imagine the ballistic oppurtunities with a 220 or 240 SMK?
yep the ballistics would be killer with the 240 SMKs. The beast has a BC right at .700 and once you get that mass moving at roughly 2,800 fps+, its not going to want to stop any time soon.

Personally, I would try a test with the 210 grain JLK (equally spendy as teh 240s - but MUCH easier to find) and has near equal the BC as the 240s, but only weighs 210 grains (BC .677). In running the 210 JLKs, I would back down the velocity to equal the numbers for the 240s, but by doing so I MIGHT be able to stretch the throat life an additional 200 or 300 rounds.

:shock: a BC of .700 thats awesome, i was too lazy to go look it up'd be good for some rich guy who can replace a barrel all the time but for me...well i better stick to a .22lr for high volume shooting
How uch do you thnk taking care of it would make a difference? No long strings, lots of cleaning, etc...Its an overbore cartridge but maybe you could get 1000 rounds out of it?

I've never burnt a barrel but my 300 WM is about a third of the way done from what I heard, 1500 shots...I can't see any visable signs of wear at all. Sounds like what kills a lot of varmint rifles is long days in a dog town...Dunno about those big firebreathers
lol this isnt a varmit rifle muzzle. Mostly this cartridge is designed for long range african game. Thats why i thought it might lend itself well to our uses.
Like I said in the post bro, I know the effects of varmint rifles, I do not know the effects of the big firebreathers. Should have been more clear. Pushing a lot more powder into an even tigher cone might screw you over no matter how much you bably your weapon. Rounds like 22/250 don't have the same effect on throat erosion, barrel burning, etc as far as I know. But the varmint rifle rules still kind of apply. Stay away from long shooting strings, let the barrel cool, take care of it.

Didn't mean to say that howitzer was a varmint rifle, just comparin why they kill barrels.
Cough* Cough* I was at Gander Mtn today and this sucker costs $100 for a box of shells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cost of a new barrel is the least of your worries.
yeah i saw that in my weatherby catalog.... i said a few swear words and let it be,but of course it is good ammo produced by Norma, but the worst part about weathebry ammo is theres is the only ammo you can find...and remington only made it in 300 weatherby if i'm not mistaken
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