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.300 WSM review

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This is actually for mel. I was wondering when you will do a review on the .300 WSM or could you tell me what you think about it maybe in an e-mail or even if somebody else here can tell me about it especially how the recoil is.
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At the top of the forums list is a section called, "Product Review Requests"; I imagine it was constructed for these sort of requests.

In addition to, I'd recommend finding a rifle chambered in said caliber and then asking Mel to review it, as there are a variety of rifles which can be chambered in 300 WSM, and I imagine they'd all shoot differently.

Scatch Maroo
it all sort of depends on the weight of the rifle.... and the muzzle brake, if any...
Here is the quick and dirty:

Ballistically its pretty much the same as the .300 WM. It uses a bit less powder so there is a bit less recoil (not as much as winchester would have you believe). It uses a beltless, short and fat cartidge, which gives it a good base to go off of for accuracy. Its probably a bit more consistent than is the .300 WM. BUT, (and the reason its not listed on SC), there is no match grade ammo for this cartidge, which pretty much takes it out of consideration for sniping/sharpshooting.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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