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300 WSM vs. .308

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I'm starting the process of building a rifle using a Rem. 700 SA. Will do custom barrel and stock for it and get it acurized.

I've pretty much decided that it will be a 300WSM - but the action I'm buying is curently a .308. Are there any good arguments for KEEPING it at .308 rather than going with WSM? No work has begun yet so I am free to change my mind.

Rifle will mostly be used for shooting paper at 500+ m. Maybe once a year it will shoot deer at 200-300m. There is only one range where I'm a member that has a 1000m range ( ) and I only go there coupe times a year.

Should I stick with my plans for 300 WSM or should I go for less recoil and do the .308?
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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