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I'm new here. If this isn't in the right place please move it.

Currently in the process of building a new range rifle (still a work in progress) and I require your assistance
I'm after some suggestions for a tac chassis to put it in
I've looked at things such as MDT ess, don't hate on me but kind of looks tacky? (I could be wrong, never seen one in person)
If anyone has any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Plans so far are:
Tikka long action out of a T3X super varmint chambered in .300 win mag
26" fluted stainless steel barrel,1-10 twist (made by a local gun smith here in aus) + precision armament m11 muzzle break
Still a fair way to go yet, haven't decided on optic etc
But if you have any suggestions for the build, it would be welcomed

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