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308 budget ammo good or bad?

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i know that ill probalby get good results with Federal gold medal match but that stuff is expensive... ill be using it but probably also use budget ammo when im gonna be at 100y for a long shooting session and use match ammo when im gonna go to longer ranges
with a Rem 700P in .308 w/ a 26" barrel, 1:12 twist should i try out 147 and 150 gr full metal jacket Federal American Eagle, Rem UMC and Win USA brands?
should i try out Austrailian Defence Industries surplus 144 gr full metal jacket?
as i said before id only use this stuff at 100y so im not concerned about how far it drifts in the wind or how much energy it retains, but i want to know what kind of accuracy should i expect with this kind of ammo?
i just want something to shoot the gun with at 100y first then worry about the longer ranges after i try match and budget ammo
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Accuracy with budget ammo probably wont be too hot. I'd say if you average 1" to 1.75" you'll be very lucky. A real good alternative to GMM ammo is Black hills, Its usually a little cheaper, I've shot a little of it and found it to be every bit as good as the Federal. You might even check with Mele on the M118LR.
ya im checking out that stuff, im interested in buying some M118LR from Mel whenever he gets some in
just ADI Surplus is $179 for 800 rounds... just i cant find it in less quantities at the moment to try it thats why im askin instead of just testing it first heh... if budget ammo shot sub moa id jump on it
and yes black hills i will try ot get my hands on some.. i know a few places i can get it... should order a few packs to test it out at 100y
should i try out moly coated?
some people have warned me about moly coated rounds potentially doing damage while others say its great and they clean half as often and shoot twice as much
well have 12 days to get the ammo while the government takes thier sweet time with my background check... takes them 14 days though im in their computer as a previous purchacer of a few firearms
I just received all my info, everything is in place for the M118LR purchase. I hope to get the order out this week.

thats good news if my 1:12 stabilizes the 175 gr round i should be all set if its $15 for the first pack and $10 for each additional pack that is only slightly higehr than the budget brands
anyways i better try to go back to sleep... 4:30am damn neighbor's alarm woke me up... gotta be up for work at 6am and have 6-9:30pm class... 30 mins no cops yet... ugh
well now i know how surplus and budget ammo does
American Eagle 150 gr FMJ can hold 1" grops @ 100y but just barely
Aussie surplus 144 gr FMJ is around 1/2 moa but those groups are hard to hold too
still Federal Gold Medal Match 175 gr BTHP preformed better, around 1/4 moa, and now im looking to try out M118LR maybe that will do as good and its a lot less money :)
I have everything in place for getting M118LR, the problem is shipping to individuals as the cost is about $9 per box to ship it! There has got to be a cheaper way, but I don't know how!! I would be willing to split a case (2 cans) but I don't know how to feasibly ship individual boxes unless someone is more up to speed then me on shipping options. I simply plugged in the values on the web site to determine shipping costs.

anyone have ideas?

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