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I know everyone on the site likes to shoot long distance when the opportunity arises. I do to. But I am also interested in and practice other forms of sniping that do not require long distant shots. Mostly silent sentry take outs and the such (This is not for real, it is a game I play on my property to keep my skills up to par, and stay in shape). Also on my property as I had mentioned before in an earlier post, my longest range now is 150 yards, so sometimes I practice with reduced loads, namely subsonic. I had posted a recipe here a couple of months ago on some loads I was working on for my 12:1 twist Remington 700 PSS. Making subsonic ammo for a 12:1 twist is a daunting task. I just can't afford to get a 10:1 barrel right now. The powders I experimented with were Red Dot and Unique, but the velocity seemed to poop out around 100 yards, no keyholing, just a nice round hole. I decided to step up to using Bullseye and I feel for what I am doing, I like this powder (it burns faster). It seems I do not have to holdover so much on my Zeiss scope, plus the grouping is tighter. 5 shots in a 2" inch circle at 100 yards.
There were a few flyers but that was my fault and they were only 1 to 2 inches from the 2" test circle.

Here is what I used:

Sierra Jacketed flat top bullet 170 grains
Mixture of brass from: LC Match, R-P, and Winchester 2.015 length
Bullseye powder: 8.0 to 8.5 grains (you may have to do some experimental loads, varying the amount of grains between the two I listed)
Federal Large Magnum rifle primers.
As for OAL I set the bullets so there is tiny bit of the jacket showing between the neck of the cartridge and the bands on the bullet. Do not crimp.

I tried some commercial made subsonic ammo in 170 grain a while back and my new load out performed the factory made round providing I paid attention to weighing my powder charge.

2005 Remington 700 PSS (No mods except trigger pull adj., .50 moa out of the box)
26" stock barrel (12:1) twist
Leupold mount and rings
Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44 AO MC Scope
Harris bipod

We can not own suppressors in Missouri, but there is no law against developing subsonic ammo. Firing these bullets are best on a windless day. I may be reinventing the wheel but I am bound and determined to come up with a sub round that is fairly accurate for a .308 that any handloader can make (and save money). If you already have such a load please share your data.

As a warning, if you are not familiar with subsonic ammunition you can only use the fastest burning pistol powders. If you use slow burning rifle powder the resulting explosion could be devastating, such as death. It takes a lot of research and reading to understand the concept.

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