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Before my recent purchase of the DD Delta5 Pro in .308, I did some research on the differences in these two rounds. I just wanted to share some info that I got directly from "Frank" at Daniel Defense today. Regarding the aforementioned weapon, Frank stated that, ". . . the .308, HPALMA and 7.62x51 are all safe to fire in this weapon." The reason I asked him this question is that, from what I read (in various places on the web), there are differences in these three rounds and, despite the differences, some weapons chambered in .308 or 7.62x51 were deemed safe to fire all three rounds and some were not. As a newby to LR, this was helpful info to me. Maybe it'll benefit others who are contemplating the purchase of the DD Delta 5 Pro.

Frank also stated that he has "fired many rounds through this gun" and that the Federal 168g did particularly well even though the Federal 155g did well too. He didn't mention whether he had tried any other ammo brands or bullet weights. He also stated that other barrels would be back in stock for this weapon around September of this year (DD barrels can be switched out to other calibers in minutes on the Delta 5 rifles - for those who didn't know). Thought some of this info may be helpful to someone.
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