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30mm tube

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Hi all,

What scopes are avalible with 30mm tube??
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30 mm is really like the industry most of the ...US Optics ...nightforce...leupold..springfield...some places make 35mm US Optics but its not the norm.....just gives you some more MOA adjustments.

Most scopes i see have a 1" tube. I know leupold have 30mm and i know Tasco Titan have them to.

I am looking for some more.
Most quality scope makers offer a 30mm series of scopes. The defacto standard is 1" (25.4 mm). To list a "few" of the available 30mm scopes.

Leupold - Several models, some Mk4's, some others.
Burris - Black Diamond, Euro Diamond
Nikon - Tactical Series, Monarch Gold
Bushnell (B&L) - Elite 3200 Euro 3-9x50mm
Swarovski, Zeiss, US Optics, Super Sniper, & springfield armory all offer 30mm also.

Most high end scope makers have some sort of 30mm tube scope

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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