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.338 Lapuas

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I have been looking around, and have found quite a few .338 tactical type rifles. just wanted to get your opinions on them. Also place them on a scale from 1-5

Blazer R93 LRS2

Armalite AR-30

Sako TRG-42

Accuracy International AWSM (Arctic Warefare Super Magnum) 338 Lapua

Barrett 98 (having trouble with my computer, couldn't get a URL

Also add any others you know of
thanks JD
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Im no authority on all of these rifles. I will give a ranking on the rifles I have had experience with. I must say all rifles have thier own characteristics, and alot of critisims are personal. Im sure all of the rifles mentioned would do the job.

1. SAKO TRG 42

Mulga :D
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