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.357 SIG?

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I was at the range the other day and i picked up a .357 SIG caseing and i was wondering if it had any advantages over the 9mm and .45. And i was thinking since its knecked down some could that cause some feeding problems?
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advantage is in kenetic energy thats all i know is its more powerful than a 9mm but probably kicks a lot more too
as far as feed problems i dont know i havnt ever shot one
Better penetration mostly. But, it doesn't kick as much as one would expect.
thats good heh
i woulda expected it to kick like a .357 Magnum
what does it compare to in recoil???
and if im not mistaken its comperable to the .357 Magnum in performance right?
I think it is a .40 cal necked down to 9mm. It was made to offer .357 mag ballistics in a more compact autoloading pistol. I heard It kicks a tad less than the .357. Never fired one though.

The .357 SIG is comparable to or even slightly better than the .357 Magnum with the same bullet weight. However, .357 Magnum is available with heavier bullets(for now, at least).
if im not mistaken the .357 mag w/ 125gr JHP is the most reliable manstopper
if im correct then would the .357 sig not having heavier loads really be a weakness for it?
does anyone have the .357 sig's record? how does it compare w/ other calibers
Uhm, reliable manstopper is all relative.
And no, it's not really a weakness. The .357 SIG has less recoil, clips hold more rounds than a .357 Magnum revolver, and the semi-auto guns chambered for .357 Magnum are too heavy to be used as anything other than bludgeoning tools or looking good in movies and on the pistol range.
well said about .357 magnum being mosly in larger guns
where you going to conceal it? draw it fast? desert eagle doesnt seem to be the best weapon to carry in my opinion... they are 4 lbs i think heh
I carry a Glock .357 Sig (please no flames for the Glock, drive your 6000 lb car over YOUR carry gun, twice, intentionally and tell me how it does). It recoils much less than my old Glock .45, with either the 125 grain fmj's or 147 grain hp's.

Accuracy is hard to tell, but this is my, 'Ok, you're going to make me shoot you, aren't you?' gun, not a tack driver, so it's not going to mean squat coming from me. But I can put an entire mag center mass at 75 feet in relatively quick (but not true rapid) fire.

Hope this helps.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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