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.40 S&W or .357 SIG

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which one of the 2 and why i myself like .45 acp but the gun i want to get does not come in 45acp its the tactical, 5 inch, xd pistol
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Well if you're a .45 man that pistol can soon be had in .45 GAP. Something to think about.

I would say .357 SIG from personal bias, however ammo will be much more expensive for the .357 than for the .40.
ima have to throw my hand in here for the 40 cal. One to the chest will drop a man quicker than ****.
I prefer the way that a 40 shoots over the 357 sig. Just my personal preference.

Have you looked at the green glocks? They are pretty sweet and you can get one of those in a 45. A little hard to find right now, but you may get lucky.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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