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.408 CheyTac?

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Has anyone out there heard of this .40 cal. beast? It literally dwarfs the venerable long-range performer, the .338 Lapua magnum and is supposed to be more powerful than the .50 BMG out past 700 yards, with less recoil! Personally, i wouldn't want to be on either end of this monster when it went off! Any knowledge, or experience, out there?

Oh, by the way, the rifle that fires it is a rechambering of the .50 caliber Windrunner takedown sniper rifle.
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I was thinking of building either a 338 Lapua or a 408 Cheyenne in my next tactial rifle but my problem is actions for both of these cartridges. Also which would yall think is better out of the 2. I a looking for a repeating bolt action not a single shot. The 50 is way to much in my opinion for what i would ever use it for. But they are about to open a 1200 yard range down the road from my house so u never know. Lata
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