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45-70 recipes

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Hey all, just wondering what kinda loads you use if you shoot a 45-70...I can only get factory right now as I don't reload yet, but I'll write down what you guys post and check it out.

Can't wait to hear what madgunsmith says lol...whats in your cookbook?
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Heheh.. yeah, mad has to have SOME load!

The .45-70 can be a tricky number.

The original trapdoor Springfield should be limited to light loads. This rifle should not be used with loads that develope over 25,000 psi.

And if I had an original 1873 Springfield, I'd have it carefully inspected.

For the 1873 Trapdoor Springfield:

According to the Speer Manual, a 400 grain bullet propelled by 59 grains of 748 will yield 1800 fps from a 26" bbl rifle. the starting load is 55 grains of 748. (COL 2.540")

For a modern lever action rifle: (eg Marlin 1895)

62.0 grains of 748 and the 400 grain bullet. This combination will produce 1800 fps from a 22" bbl. (COL 2.540")

For a stong single shot modern action: ( Ruger #1)

56.0 grains of AA2015BR and the 400 grain bullet. This will produce 2018 fps. (COL 2.540)

Personally, this last load would be too much of a good thing. The recoil would be fierce.

The original factory load back in 1873 was a 405 grain bullet with 70 grains of black powder. I would also check into developing a black powder or pyrodex load. I bet that one would get really uniform ballistics with such a load.

Finally please do not fire any of the modern load in an old Trapdoor Springfield. Doing so might result in catastrophic consequences.

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Thanks Mad, I have those jotted down...Mine will be used in a Marlin, so the last load doesn't apply for me...haha, not sure I would want to shoot it anyway :shock:

You did good to clarify the three classes of 45/70 loads too...I had totally forgot to specify or say anything about it.

Thanks for the reply.

Oh, and I will look into finding lead cast bullets, and a black powder load. If I can manage to find someone to reload for me, and be there when they load, it would teach me a lot.
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