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50 cals.

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well it was gettin a little off topic in the ammo section so ill open up a topic here... what was the M82 compeating against?
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dont know
only know it was out preformed by a bolt action .50 cal not even sure which

The accuracy international AW50 with out shoot the M82 any day of the week but as far as a semi auto 50 cal the barret hasn't been beat.....I doubt most companies would even try.....there is not a big enough market for them.

I bolt form many places make good 50 cals......barret....armalite....Mcbros...robar....ect.
so the M82/XM107 was chosen because the army wanted a semi-auto
shoudlnt suprise anyone that an AI out preformed something heh
Jeff_850 said:
so the M82/XM107 was chosen because the army wanted a semi-auto
Well they needed a anti material sniper rifle......might as well go with a clip fed semi auto one.......accuarcy doesn't have to be perfect cause lets face it targets are not that small.
yea i can see the point of the Barrett M82A1 getting a lot of powerful shots off 'accurately' in a short ammount of time gonna be hard to beat by a bolt action
The problem was it didn't get them off more accurately, and is heavier to boot. No real explanation of why the bolt action lost. I sort of always thought that for a sniper rifle accuracy, not rate of fire was the key.

Mel can give more details than I can. Mel how about some fire support here.
It's an Anti material rifle. As long as you are within a 1 meter area, you're gold. It was NEVER intended to fire at Soft targets, so accuracy was a second concern, seeing as it is doubtful that you'd be using it out to extreme ranges on a vehicle where that extra inch would matter.
If I was going to guess at which rifle out preformed the M82A1, I'd say it was the McMillan .50 caliber Tactical, or the Robar .50 caliber, but that's just a guess.
When I was in, the M82A1 was competing against the McMillan M87R, and everyone of the snipers/sniper school instructors, preferred the McMillan. It was another 6 years or so before they finally officially adopted the XM107, and the M87R was replaced by the TAC-50 (in McMillan's line up), and I'm sure everyone of the sniper/sniper instructors who evaluated them probably still preferred the bolt action. From what I've heard, it was the overwelming (sp?) favorite by the guys that would be using them. Too bad they were not the ones making the decisions. The decision was made by those with more rank than firsthand knowledge.

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